Bulgaria Holidays

Located in the eastern region of Europe and on the western side of the Black Sea, Bulgaria is a country whose spectacular beauty had been largely ignored for many years. But now, tourists from all over the world, and especially from Europe, are flocking to it. There are many reasons for this upsurge in popularity. Fantastic ski resorts and the quiet but alluring beauty of the Black Sea are two of the biggest; however, the fact that this country is one of the most affordable destination also contribute to this to a large extent.

Famous Bulgaria Holidays Attraction

Bulgaria is known primarily for the skiing opportunity it offers. Many world class ski resorts have opened up. If you are wondering why they should be any different from those at France, Austria or Switzerland, the answer is this: the cost factor. Indeed, the ski resorts and trips available here are much cheaper than those in other European countries. The most well known among the resorts here are Bansko, Borovets and Pomporovo

Apart from the attraction of winter sports, there is also the priceless and mysterious beauty of the Black Sea to be witnessed. This is where people come to enjoy the sunshine and scenic beauty.

There are also many sites which you can visit to acquaint yourself with the heritage of this land. The Rila Monastery, the old capital city Veliko Tarnovo, Rozhen Monastery and St. Alexander Nevski in Sofia are some of them.

You can also conduct a culinary tour while you are here. Sample local cuisines like shopska salad, moussaka, gyuvetch, sarmi, drob sarma, kavarma and mish mash when you get the chance. When it comes to drinks, you will not be disappointed. Get a taste of the national alcoholic drink raika as well as mastika and menta.

Top Bulgaria Holidays Hotels

Getting accommodation in Bulgaria is not a problem. Many hotels are available at economical prices. Luxurious five-star hotels are also available. Some of the noted ones are Maxim Hotel and Medic Hotel in Sofia, Real Hotel and Odeon Hotel in Plovdiv, Splendid Hotel and Duchess Hotel in Varna and Concorde Hotel and Central Hotel in Veliko Turnovo.

Shopping Places for Bulgaria Holidays Traveler

Bulgaria offers plenty of opportunity for those who love shopping. Handicrafts, Wines, spirits, confectionery, textiles, embroidery, carpets, ceramic work and wood carvings of this land are famous. You may buy them souvenirs and gifts. However, you do not have to restrict your choice to them. You may also buy the Bulgarian national costume, Trovan pottery and Russian dolls. Only do not leave the country without purchasing some raika.  As for the shopping centers, the top spots are Vitosha Boulevard, Rakovski Street, Graf Ignatiev Street and Shipka Street.

Bulgaria is thus a country which can give you as a good a holiday as any. With its snow clad mountains, azure water of the Black Sea, heritage sites and delicious gastronomic offerings, it ensures you that your sojourn here will be a memorable one.