Chile Holidays

Chile is situated on the tip of the western coast of South America. It lies between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean and there are not only peaks and beaches but also deserts, glaciers, fjords, waterfalls, lakes and pine forests. It is also a country with a long history and rich culture and traditions. A holiday here would be an ideal way to spend quality time with your family as you will get diverse things to enjoy.

Famous Chile Holidays Attraction

Santiago, the capital city, is one of those few places on earth which allows you to enjoy two different things- skiing in snow-clad resorts and surfing in sun-kissed beaches. Excellent ski resorts are just 50 kms away and well-known beach resorts of Vina del Mar and Valparaiso are also situated nearby. Various water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, boating and fishing can be enjoyed in the beach resorts. The city of Santiago also has many art galleries and museums where you can get your fill of the local arts and crafts.

Two other places which you must not miss on your trip are San Pedro de Atacama and Easter Islands. These are places where history has left indelible marks with ancient Chilean architecture. You will also be awed by the pristine beauty of the countryside.

Chile also has many national parks and sanctuaries, the most famous of which are Torres del Paine National Park, Lauca National Park and Conguillio National Park. You will get to see guanaco, llama, pink flamingos, Andrean condor as well as ancient Incan fortresses, villages and ancient rock art in the national parks.

Top Chile Beaches and Hotels

Chile has both sandy and rocky beaches. Popular among them are Mejillones, Renaca, Valparaíso, Concón, Viña del Mar and Cartagena.

As for hotels, plenty of them are available, ranging from bed and breakfast hotels to five-star ones. The list of reknown starred hotels would include Manquehue Hotel and San Fransisco Hotel in Santiago and Hotel Marina del Ray in Vina del Mar. Economical Hotels include Marilu’s Bed and Breakfast in Santiago; My Father’s House in Vina del Mar and Posada de Pablo Bed and Breakfast in Puerto Montt.

Shopping Places for Chile Holidays Traveler

The opportunity to do some serious shopping is something that Chile gives its visitors.

Vicuna rugs, hand woven ponchos, alpaca jumpers, copper work, handicrafts and gemstones such as lapis lazuli, jade, amethyst, agate and onyx are purchases that you can make as souvenirs. For mall-hopping, Santiago would be the place to go and for getting stuff such as antiques, furniture, music and books, the flea market at Bio Bio street may be visited.

One thing that you should definitely sample and buy in this country is alcoholic drinks. From the popular Pisco to wine made from papayas, chestnut and “manjar” (concentrated milk), you have an array of choice to select from.

Chile is a country which does not lack in anything. A holiday here promises a lot of colorful experiences.