China Holidays

China has one of the oldest people in the world. Its cultural heritage is vast and its history long and diverse. It is also the third largest country of the world and has varying topographical features. And it is famous all over the world for its electronic goods and cuisines. A trip to this country will be one full of surprises and filled with discoveries.

Famous China Holidays Attractions

There are many things to do while you are in China; you could not spare a moment to relax. Those who want to witness the beauty of nature may find their solace in the mountains, beaches, towers, grottoes and caves of China. Others who want to explore historical remnants may visit the many pagodas, temples, mausoleums, monasteries and the ancient cities of Tongli, Pingyao, Xidi and Hongchun.

The main tourist hotspots of this country are The Great Wall of China which starts from Shanghaiguan in the east and continues till Jiayuguan in the west, the Forbidden City (also known as the Imperial Palace) in Beijing, the Heavenly Lake in the east of the Tianshan Mountain range, the Temple of Heaven, the Ocean Aquarium and the Silk Route.

Top China Holidays Beaches and Hotels

China has a long coastline stretching over 18,000 kilometers and innumerable beaches along the way. The most popular beaches among them are the Beidahe Beach, Huiquan Beach, Tianya Haijiao, Dadonghai, Beihai Silver Beach and Baker Beach.

Getting accommodation in this country is not much of a problem. Cities number in hundreds and each have their own range of luxury hotels as well as budget hotels. Reknown international chains like Hyatt, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Hilton, Leeds, Marriott, Shangri-La and Kempinski may be found in the big cities like Shanghai and Beijing. The international Youth Hostel is recommended for those who are looking for budget accommodation.

Shopping Places for China Holidays Travelers

For those who are fond of shopping, China is heaven on earth. There is nothing that you cannot find in china. Whether it is bamboo chopsticks, antiques, jewelry, electronic gadgets, silk, apparel, ceramics, pearls, or Cultural Revolution memorabilia- this country has it all.

An uncountable number of shopping centers and streets thrive in this land. Whether it is malls selling the latest products of international brands or flea markets where you can buy local made items, there is no dearth of opportunities. However, the list may be narrowed down to the cities of Shanghai, Beijing and the territory of Hong Kong. Shanghai has the famous Nanjing Road and Nightless City, Beijing boasts of its Panjiayuan flea market and Hong Kong is known all over the world for its shopping malls and bargain shops.

China is one of those countries in the world where your holiday will never have a moment that may be seized by boredom. The fantastic places, the delicious food and the friendly people will make your trip more than just worthwhile.