Estonia Holidays

Bordering the Baltic Sea, Estonia is almost a paradise on earth. It has more than 1000 lakes, 1500 islands and innumerable forests. It is a land where those who want to see nature at its best can happily do so.

Famous Estonia Holidays Attractions

Tallinn: The capital city of Estonia is also a historical site in itself; it served as one of the bases for the Hanseatic League. The medieval Town Hall happens to be one of the oldest in Europe. Toompea Castle, Oleviste Church, Kadriorg park and the Open Air Museum are some of the highlights of this city.

 Pärnu: This town has served as a seaport ever since it was established in the 13th century.
Now it is a health resort famous for its sandy beach.

Tartu and Narva: Tartu and Narva, like Tallinn, are famous for their historical sites- namely, Vyshgorod Cathedral, the Town Hall (18th century) and the Botanical Garden of the university in Tartu and the Herman Castle in Narva. Tartu also offers opportunities for skiing in its resorts.

National Parks: there are three national parks- Lahema National Park, Vilandsi National Park and Soomaa National Park. They are known for their forest, swamps, fishing villages and manors.

Haapsalu, Saaremaa and Mustvee are other tourist centers. Haapsalu has been a famous resort since the 19th century; Saaremaa, the largest island, stays idyllic with its windmills and stone churches while Mustvee is visited for a view of Lake Peipsi.

Top Estonia Beaches and Hotels

The white sandy beaches of Estonia are one of the least crowded beaches in the world. The seaside town of Parnu has the best beaches in the country. Salmistu Beach and Kauksi Beach are also worth a mention.

Luxury hotels are not lacking in this country. Hotel Schossle, Swissotel and Domina City in Tallinn, Scandic Rannahottell in Parnu and Hotel Telegraaf in Tartu are some of the top hotels. Apart from them, you may also depend on pensions, youth hostels and accommodations provided by the Estonian Rural Tourism Organization.

Shopping Places for Estonia Holidays Traveler

Estonia may not be the shopping capital of Europe, but it does offer many items that visitors may purchase as souvenirs. First and foremost, this country is famous for its unique alcohols. The local beer Saku and A. Le Coq, the local vodka Viru Valge, “Kali”, “keefir” and the herbal liquor Vana Tallinn are well-known alcoholic drinks of the land which you may take home. Sweets like the chocolates produced by the national brand “Kalev” and the milk-curd sweet “kohuke” are also quite a favorite with tourists. Apart from them, amber, ceramics, glassware, leather-bound books and local folk art as well as hand-knitted jumpers may be bought.

 Müürivahe in Tallinn is a good place to buy woolens. Tallinn also has quite a collection of malls.

Estonia is one of the least unspoiled countries that you may find on earth. It makes a fine holiday for anyone who prefers a more laidback but enjoyable vacation.