European Union Holidays

The European Union was formed in 1993. It comprises of 27 countries in the continent. From the Mediterranean countries of France, Italy, Spain and Greece to the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Finland and Denmark; from the Central European countries of Bulgaria, Slovakia and Romania, Hungary and Poland to the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland; from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Malta, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Portugal, this federation offers you a wide selection for your holiday.

Famous European Union Holidays Attractions

To keep count of the holiday attractions of the European Union countries would be a daunting task. However, some highly popular spots may be mentioned.

France- Brittany, Ardennes, Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy and Paris
Italy- Rome, Venice, Milan and Sicily
Spain- Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Madrid and Barcelona
Greece-Athens, Crete, Cyclades Islands and Ionian Islands
Sweden-Stockholm, Skeppsholmen Island, Liseberg Park and Ice Hotel
Finland-Helsinki, Lemmmenjoki National Park, Kalajoki and Lehti
Denmark-Copenhagen, Fyn and Jutlands
Bulgaria-Sofia, Velliko Tarnovo and Bansko
Slovenia-Sloven Karst, Ljubljana, Pohorje and Triglav National Park
Romania- Bucharest, Prahova Valley and Bucegi Mountains
Hungary-Budapest, Aggletek National Park, Bukk Mountians and Esztergom
Poland-Warsaw, Gdansk, Malrbok and Poznan
United Kingdom-London, Bath, Edinburgh and Surrey
Republic of Ireland-Dublin, Innis and Kilkenny
Estonia-Tallinn and Parnu
Latvia-Riga, Sqiulda and Bauska
Lithuania-Vilnius and Coronian Spit
Slovakia-Bratislava, Tatra National Park, Spis Castle and Banska Stiavnica
Austria-Vienna, Salszburg, Tirol and Innsbruck
Belgium-Brussels, Antwerp and Flanders
Cyprus-Nicosia, Limossa and Trodoos
Germany-Berlin, Bonn, Augsburg and Detmold
Luxembourg-Luxembourg City, Moselle Valley and Petrus Valley
Malta-Floriana, Gozo Island and Senglea
Czech Republic-Prague, Bohemia and Sumava
Netherlands-Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Haarlem and Hoorn
Portugal-Lisbon, Oporto and Peniche

Top European Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Most of the countries in the European Union have beaches as they border one water body or the other. However, not all of them provide high-quality beaches. The European Commission reviews their beaches each year and according to the latest report, the best beaches are to be found in Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Belgium, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

All major cities in the European Union are equipped with large numbers of hotels, whether starred or unstarred. Italy has most of the top-rated hotels like Ai Mori D Oriente Hotel and the Savoy. Besides these, Hilton, Marriott and other such well-known chains also have their bases in most major cities.

Shopping Places for European Union Holidays Traveler

Each European Union country has some major shopping centers to boast of. You will find innumerable malls and flea markets as well as off-the-beaten-track boutiques and kiosks which sell local made goods. Barcelona, London, Paris, Milan, Berlin and Amsterdam are considered to be some of the biggest shopping places in this union.

The European Union countries may be united under a single federation but they are all diverse in their cultures as well as topography. To select the best holiday spot, you would have to choose individually.