Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina Holidays

Ravaged by various invasions and a long civil war, it could have been easy for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to sink in a mire of oblivion. But, like a phoenix, this country has risen form the ashes and now welcomes visitors form all over the world to enjoy its raw appeal. Mosques, amphitheatres, Catholic shrines as well as enchanting woodlands and mountains give this country an old-world appeal that many find hard to resist.

Famous Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Holidays Guide

As far as culture goes, Bosnia and Herzegovina has received an influx of many different cultures- Christian, Muslims and Jews. Each visitor has made its contribution. Though the many wars destroyed a fair few of the historical sites, some remain standing and some are being rebuilt.

Sarajevo: the capital city is a must-see for the Turkish quarter and town center. There are colorful markets which had been built during the reign of the Ottoman Empire.

Travnik: for its medieval castle
Mostar: Old Bridge Area of the Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Višegrad: It is known for its Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and mineral springs

Neum: for the beaches
Banja Luka: for its 16th century fort and amphitheatre

Spas and health resorts: The Republika Srpska has many spas. Mineral springs may also be found at Bijeljina, Dubica, Laktasi, Srebrenica and Telic.

Other places which are worth a visit are Sutjeska National Park, the waterfalls of Kracive, the monastery of Trvdos, Vjetrenica Cave, Jajce, Blagaj, Blidinje, Stolac, Počitelj and Blidinje.

Top Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Neum is the sole sea side town that the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has. It has many tourist hotels and is more affordable than the resorts in the neighbouring countries. Tourists flock each year to lounge on its sunny and sandy beaches and also to indulge in sports like swimming and boating.

The major cities have many high-quality hotels as well as bed and breakfast ones. Top among the high-end league are Bosnian National Monument Muslibegovix House Hotel, Hotel Michele Sarajevo and Hotel-Restaurant Kriva Cuprija. Halvat Guest House and Muslibegovic Guest House are two noted Bed and Breakfast hotels.

Shopping Places for Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Traveler

Woodcarvings, brass coffee-pots, ceramics, handmade carpets, woolen goods, wines, folk-art, tapestries, embroidery, trinkets and leather boxes are some of the popular tourist buys in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. You will find each city teeming with bazaar and kiosks. Two popular haunts for tourists are both located in Sarajevo- Brass Alley in Old Town and Bascarsija in the Turkish District. The former is noted for its brassware, silver ware and copperware and the latter for hand-made items, Russian dolls and Turkish coffee-grinders and sets.

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is just experiencing a dawn after a long night of internal struggle. But it is waking up fast, reconstructing and equipping itself so that your holiday here is worth the stay.