Finland Holidays

The charm of Finland can be matched by very few countries in the world. This is one of the least polluted and cleanest countries that you will ever visit in your life. Whether you want to admire scenic beauty in its Swedish and Russian architecture, or to ride a sled driven by reindeer or huskies, or enjoy the sun in its sandy beaches or simply enjoy the many pleasures of a wood-fired sauna, you can do so and more.

Famous Finland Holidays Attractions

Feast for the eyes: If your visit to Finland is purely to see the beauty of the land, then you will not be disappointed. Helsinki has parks, forest, historical monuments and manors and fine examples of Finnish architecture such as the Dipoli Hall; Northern Karelia is the face of the country’s forests and lakes and has the Koli Heights; Lapland is known for the midnight suns of June and July as well as its reindeer-herding Sami people; Savonlinna has the best preserved medieval castle in Scandinavia- the Olavinlinna; Jyväskylä is reknown for its modern architecture and Hailuoto Island is visited for its exquisite fauna. There are also many national parks in this country, including the Ähtäri Wildlife Park, Oulanka National Park and The Lemmenjoki National Park has marked routes for hikers.

Activites: This is a country that loves its sports. Skiing and hiking seem to be the most popular. Lahti, Suomotunturi and Ruka Fell are winter sports centers; Kainuu is a favorite for cross country skiing; other major ski resorts include Pallas, Levi, Yllas, Koli and Tahko; Yllästunturi, Olostunturi and Pallastunturi are the hiking capitals of the country; Lapland organizes reindeer-riding competitions in March and Porttikoski and Simo hold traditional lumberjack competitions in summer.

Top Finland Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Finland’s beaches are preferred destinations primarily because they are unspoiled. But they are also quite beautiful and well-equipped. The top beaches in the country are Hietaniemi Beach (Hietsu) in Helsinki, Suomenlinna Beach near Helsinki and Yyteri Beach in West Finland. A number of nude beaches may also be found here.

A booming tourism means a lot of hotels- ranging form the expensive to the economical. Top hotels include Place Kamp Hotel Glo, Hotel Kamp, Palace Hotel and Sokos Hotel Vaakuna. A number of guest houses (locally known as matkakoti), break and breakfast accommodation in local homes and farmhouses can also be found.

Shopping Places for Finland Holidays Traveler

The number of things unique to Finland which you may buy as souvenirs is uncountable. Some of the most purchased items are jewellery, alcoholic drinks (especially the local brands like Koskenkorva Viina), hand-woven rugs, handicrafts, glassware, porcelain, ceramics, fur and textiles. Birch-wood handicrafts of Lapland are one of the most prominent tourist buys.

 As for the shopping centers, Helsinki has the major focal points- Stockmann, Sokos, Forum, Kiseleff Bazaar and Itäkeskus.

Finland is clearly not just about mountains and lakes; it has the ability to serve varying passions and interests.