Germany Holidays

Germany has been famous in the past for all the wrong reasons. A country full of warring states, the rise of one of the most ruthless political leaders of all time, the separation of the country into two halves and the subsequent reunion- in all these tumult, the fact that this is a land where nature is at her graceful best had been forgotten. But now that the country has regained stability at last, tourists are pouring in and exploring its dark forests, castles, churches, historical sites and many more.

Famous Germany Holidays Attractions

Berlin: the capital city also happens to be the largest city in the country. Although the wall has been removed, the city still has tow opposing facets- the modernized West Berlin and the East Berlin still has traces of the old city it was. While you are in this city, head for the renovated Reichstag, Fernsehturm (Television Tower), Nikolai Church, Berlin Wall Museum, Museumsinsel (Museum Island), Prinz Albrecht area, the Deutsche Staatsoper (German State Opera), Europa Center, Siegessäule, Tiergarten, Schloss Charlottenburgand the Gedenkstätte Plötzensee memorial.

Baden-Wurttemberg: Neckar Valley for its vineyards and castles, Heidelburg, the limestone plateasu Swabian Jura, Baren Caves, Ulm, Gutach, Baden-Baden and the climatic spa of Triberg for its pools and waterfalls.

Constance (Konstanz): German University and Cathedral town. Major attractions are
Konzilsgebäude (14th century); Insel Hotel (14th century); Barbarossa-Haus (12th century) and Hus-Haus (15th century.

Other places which may be visited are Heilbronn, Tübingen, the Bavarian Forest, Munich, Augsburg, Cogurg, Ingoldstadt, Würzburg, Potsdam, Wiesbaden, Rostock, The Ruhr Valley, Hanover, Rhineland, Cologne, Aachen, Bonn, Saxony, Dresden, Leipzeig, Saxony-Anhalt, Wittenberg and Thuringia.

Top Germany Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Germany’s beaches are one of the top attractions of the place. The nude beaches at Sylt, the serene beaches at Warnemunde and the popular tourist beaches of Helgoland, Büsum and Heiligendamm are crowd-pullers.

From hotels, Gasthofs, youth hostels and pensions to mansions and castles, there is no dearth of places to stay at. Top hotels include Ritz-Carlton Berlin, Mandarin Oriental Munchen,  Park Hyatt Hamburg, Swissotel Berlin and Hotel Laimer Hof Munich.

Shopping Places for Germany Holidays Traveler

Shoppers will not know which way to turn to when they come to Germany. It is one of the most popular shopping places in Europe. From binoculars and cameras to porcelain, crystal, silver, steel, leatherwear and sports equipment, you can buy anything here. Special purchases include Solingen knoves, toys form Nuremberg, Loden cloth from Bavaria, musical instruments, wooden toys from the Erzgebirge Mountains and china from Meissen, cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest region. You can also check out the local 'Marktstrassen' (market streets), “discounters” such as Aldi and Lidl, hyper-stores like Real and Globus Hendelshof, and a variety of malls and boutiques.

Germany, due to the many blessings of nature and cultural heritage, was meant to be a haven for those who love exploring new places. That is why its dark past could not destroy its spirit. It is still popular stop for tourists the world over.