Gibraltar Holidays

Gibraltar is a British territory located at the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula. Its name is derived from the Arabic name “Jabal Ta-riq” (the Mountain of Tariq). It is mainly famous for its 143 caves and tunnels. Plenty of opportunities to sail, dive, swim, and climb rocks as well as to explore varied flora and fauna are available at this small city. 

Famous Gibraltar Holidays Attractions
Sites to visit:

St. Michael’s Cave: Situated above 300 meters above sea-level, this cave has been famous since the Roman era for its stalactites and stalagmites. It also leads to other caves like Leonora’s Cave and Lower St. Michael’s Cave. Concerts and ballets are performed here nowadays.

The Apes’ Den: you can observe tail-less Macaque monkeys, given the misnomer of Barbary Apes in this “den”.

The Gibraltar Museum: This museum was built above a 14th century Moorish bathhouse. Observe caveman tools and ornaments as well as a replica of the Gibraltar Skull, the first Neanderthal skull found in Europe. Apart from the relics connected with early men, Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Moorish, Spanish and British artifacts are also on display.
Siege Tunnel: a system of tunnels which was dug during the Great Siege.

Apart from these well-known sites, you can also check out the 14th century Moorish Castle, the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe, the Lighthouse, the new mosque, the Nun’s Well, Parson’s Lodge Battery, the Rock Buster, Garrison Library, Trafalgar Cemetery, Alameda Gardens and Europa Point.

Activities: cable car trips, water sports, bird-watching and rock climbing are some of the activities you can take part in. Dolphins and whales may also be seen on the Bay of Gibraltar.

Top Gibraltar Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are six beaches in Gibraltar. They are Eastern Beach, Western Beach, Catalan Bay, Sandy Bay, Little Bay and Camp Bay. Little Bay is a pebbly beach while Western Beach is rocky. The rest are covered with golden sand.

Both high-end hotels and luxury hotels may be found in this city. Bristol Hotel, Caleta Hotel, Jade Apartments, O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel and Cannon Hotel are some of the top-rated ones. Miss Sureya Guest House and Emile Youth Hostel are budget hotels you may depend on.

Shopping Places for Gibraltar Holidays Traveler

Shopping is also one of the activities that tourists like to indulge in when they go to Gibraltar. The main reason is that goods are sold here at reduced taxes and are also free of VAT. The main items which are often purchased include silk, linen, cashmere, jewelry, glassware, confectionery, porcelain, perfumes, carvings, radios, leatherwork, electronic goods and watches. Crystal from Casemates Square and camera equipments are special buys. Most of the shopping is done in the famous Main Street.

Small though it may be, Gibraltar could well be the perfect place to chill and take a break from your hectic life.