Haiti Holidays

Haiti has long been considered as a dark shadow for the otherwise pleasant Caribbean countries. However, this country is extremely an exciting place to travel and provides great adventure to the people. With North Atlantic Ocean to its north and the Caribbean Sea to its south, Holiday Haiti can be a great experience for you.

Famous Haiti Holidays Attraction

Port-au-Prince is the capital city of the country and is a very jovial city to hang out and have a good time. The city has various places to visit which include the Musee du Pantheon National Haitien. Also, there are other cities too like Cap-Haitien, Gonaives, Jacmel, Les Cayes, Milot, Miragoane, Port Salut, etc. other holiday attractions in Haiti include the Citadelle Henri Christophe which is a fortress and is present on a high mountain alongside Milot city. The Palais Sans Souci is also present at the base of these mountains.

If you wish to attend beautiful carnivals during holiday Haiti, then the best place to go is Jacmel which is also the handicraft capital of the country. Various isolated beaches are also present all over the country where you can have a good and peaceful time. Labadee which is a private port for cruise ships is also a good place to explore for the tourists. 

Top Haiti Holidays Beaches and Hotels:

Haiti has some wonderful beaches where you can have a simply amazing time. The Labadee beach is one of the best in the country and provides options for swimming, snorkeling and nature walks. Also, coral reefs can be seen on the beach too. Blue and crystal clear waters of the Kyona and the Ca-Ira beach set these apart from other beaches of the country. Beaches on La Tortue or the Tortuga Island are also wonderful with their creamy sand and widespread expanses of the island beach.

Accommodation is never a problem in Haiti. There are hotels in the country which can accommodate you in luxury and all comforts are available here. The Cormier Plage in Cap Haitien is one of the highly popular ones in the country. Port-au-Prince has the Hotel Montana which provides three-star luxury to the tourists.

Shopping Places for Haiti Holidays Traveler

There are a lot of options for shopping in your holiday Haiti. Marketplaces are all over which give you great options to buy ironworks, paintings, wood carvings, etc. Also, the costs are very nominal and you can even bargain with the shopkeepers and get great deals.

Since the country lies in the hurricane belt, it is susceptible to severe storms from June to October. Otherwise, the climate is tropical and semiarid. Also, it is suggested to have a contact before you visit Haiti as your exploring experiences, dining and shopping can get a lot easier and comfortable with such a local contact who can act as guide and interpreter. Come for holiday Haiti to have a great experience in the Caribbean.