Honduras Holidays

Honduras is the second largest country in Central America and has El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua as its neighbours. The country of Honduras is very famous for its colonial villages that are present here and the whole variety of fun options that it provides to the travellers who come for holiday Honduras. Numerous destinations for exploration are present here and also all amenities which will make your stay very exciting and comfortable.

Famous Honduras Holidays Attraction

Numerous places for visit of travelers are present in the country of Honduras. Colonial villages are the best thing which a re looked forward to. Comayagua, Gracias, Omoa, Puerto Cortes, Tela are the colonial villages which have the beauty of nature preserved in them and also the heritage of the country. Other cities like Santa Rosa de Copan, San Pedro Sula, San Lorenzo, Tegucigalpa, etc are some hubs of the country.

Other destinations are the Bay Islands which are considered to be a natural paradise and also provide a chance for Snorkeling and diving. If you wish to see the Mayan ruins while on holiday Honduras, then Copan is the best place to see the best quality of sculptures. If you love adventure, then the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve is the place to visit which is the largest tropical rainforest in the Central America.

Top Honduras Holidays Beaches and Hotels

White sandy beaches are the specialty of Honduras. Tela is one place in the country which is the best spot for beaches and having peaceful times there. Also, beaches are present in Trujilo, La Ceiba and Puerto Cortes. Holiday Honduras beach resorts are present in Trujillo. Among the Bay Islands, Roatan is the largest and has various resorts too. Various activities like swimming, sailing, scuba diving, canoeing, horseback riding etc are also available.

In addition to the holiday resorts, there are luxury hotels in all major cities of Honduras. For holiday, Honduras is the perfect spot since adventure, nature, peace and activities are all present in one place here. Accommodations for all levels like hostels, resorts, luxury hotels etc are all present here.

Shopping Places for Honduras Holidays Traveler

Arts and crafts are a specialty with Honduras. While on holiday Honduras, there are lots of things on offer in a great variety which include jewellery, woodcarvings, leather bags, clothes, straw hats, replicas of hieroglyphics and Mayan artwork, etc. The arts also vary with the different regions in the country. Black and white ‘negative pottery’ is sold in Lenca. Modern merchandise is also available at Santa Rosa de Copan which includes coffee, cigars, fruits, etc.

Honduras is a great place for spending a holiday in Central America. Also, in addition to the undiscovered beauty that is present in Honduras, there are positive changes also which are taking place in the country making it more attractive. Plan a holiday to Honduras and have a great time of your life.