Iran Holidays

A large country in the Middle East, Iran is a country which is perceived to be something it is far from being. The true Iran is to be seen to believe it. The people of this country are most warm and ready to accept you as a guest. The country in itself is a beautiful one and the culture and history is all the more beautiful and waiting to be discovered. The country has Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan as its border-sharing countries. Discover the best of specialities when on your holiday Iran.

Famous Iran Holidays Attraction:

There are nine main cities in Iran which are most popular and visited. Tehran is the capital of the country and is very vibrant. Stunning architecture and great history is witnessed by the old cities of Hamedan, Isfahan, Kerman, etc.  Qom which is the holiest city in Middle East is also highly popular. Yazd which is a remote desert city which has many special natural features is a treat to pay a visit to. The Biblical ‘Garden of Eden’ is said to be in the city of Tabriz.

To make your holiday Iran interesting, there are a few more interesting destinations. Persepolis is the vast ruins and a proof of ancient civilisations living here. A free trade zone in Kish Island is considered to be a shopper’s paradise. For ecotourism, the Qeshm Island is the best place to be while in Iran. Susa, the most ancient city of Iran and Dizin which is the highest ski resort in the world are also places not to be missed.

Top Iran Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Kish Island is said to be one of the favourite places when one wishes to visit beaches. Since the island is a visa-free zone, everyone and anyone can fly there and have a taste of the island and its beautiful sandy beaches. The clear blue seas and the sandy beaches make it a great experience for you on holiday Iran.

For accommodation, there are various options that can be taken up in Iran. Five star luxury hotels are present in the major cities. Tehran has some very good hotels which include the Engelab Hotel, the Mashad Hotel and the Homa hotel. Also, in the city Isfahan, the Suite, Ali Qapu Hotel, the Abbasi Hotel and the Kowsar are present to provide a comfortable stay in your holiday Iran.

Shopping Places for Iran Holidays Traveller:

Rugs are something which is not to be missed while you are in Iran. Get the best of them at low costs from your local stores. Really beautiful rugs of various patterns and colours are available almost everywhere in Iran. Bargain and get the best rug that you really love and can afford.

For the time you are in Iran, take immense pleasure in discovering the culture and history of the place. Be ready to accept the place as a good tourist destination and the place will have loads for you to see and truly appreciate.