Israel Holidays

The sobriquet “Holy Land” is enough to attract a large number of visitors- which is something Israel effortlessly does. This is the land many have fought over for thousands of years. Tough times are something that this country in the middle-east has no problem dealing with. In the meantime, it welcomes its visitors to explore its rich heritage and enjoy its modern comforts.

Famous Israel Holidays Attractions

Jerusalem: This is a city that holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims, Christians and Jews alike. Its main attractions include Mount Zion, Tomb of David, Yad Vashem, Mea Shearim in the western part of the city and Way of the Cross, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Wailing Wall, Dome of the Rock and the Jaffa and Damascus Gates. Jerusalem also has the Israel Museum which contains the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Tel Aviv: This city is as noted for its culture as well as for the beaches and nightlife. Highlights include the Museum of the Diaspora, Carmel Market, Old Jaffa and the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra

The Negev: Beersheba, Dimona, Eilat and the Timna Valley National Park.

Galilee and the North: Nazareth, Bet She’arim Catacombs, Lake Tiberias, Megiddo and the Mount of Beatitudes. The Museum of Mediterranean Archaeology, Hafia, En Hod and the Roman ruins at Caeserea are also worth a visit.

The Dead Sea: It is one of the most visited places on earth when it comes to spas and health resorts. Mud-packs, salt massages, salt water pools where you will never sink- these are a few reasons why people love to come here. The ancient palace of Masada, the pink mountains of Moab, Mount Sodom and Qumran are other highlights.

Bethlehem: Birthplace of Jesus Christ now noted for its olive woodcarving and mother-of-pearl jewellery.
Jericho: also known as “City of Palms”, it is almost 10,000 years old. Deir Quruntal and Mt. Temptation are famous spots of the area.

Top Israel Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Israel touches four water bodies- the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea and the Sea of Galilee and consequently has a lot of beaches to offer. Top beaches include Mikmoret Beach, Aqueduct Beach, Ein Gadi Beach, Dolphin Reef Beach and Hilton Dahab Resort Beach.

There is no dearth of hostels in this country. The best among them are Akkotel, Carmel Forest Spa Resort, Rimonium Neptune Eilat, Scots Hotel, Isrotel Ambassador Hotel and Inbal Jerusalem Hotel.

Shopping Places for Israel Holidays Traveller

The culture of Israel is rich and this will show in its markets which vary from malls selling the latest from the international scene to the traditional Jewish markets known as shuks. Carmel market, Nakhlat Biyamin and Levinsky in Tel Aviv, German Colony in Jerusalem, Kastra and Ben Gurion Boulevard in Haifa are the major shopping centers.

Visit Israel, the Holy Land, for a once in a lifetime experience.