Jamaica Holidays

An island which is located in the Caribbean, Jamaica is somewhat different from the other islands located along with it. The main source of living for the people of Jamaica is through tourism. The great waterfalls and the beautiful sunny beaches are the asset of Jamaica. Adorned with a beautiful history and a charming landscape, Jamaica has beautiful resorts where you can stay and have a great time in the holiday Jamaica which is memorable and cherished for life.

Famous Jamaica Holidays Attraction

Jamaica practically survives on tourism. There are beautiful resorts which provide travelers with a great view and a very relaxed stay here. There are numerous activities that one can take up while on this island like hiking, camping, snorkeling, horse-back riding, swimming, jet-skiing, etc. Also, there are many destinations to explore like the Black River, the Blue Mountains, the Cave Valley and the Nassau Valley. Also, the island has a very peculiar African-ness to it which is not visible in any other island in the Caribbean so prominently. Discovering the actual flavor of this African essence is also something travelers should love to do to enjoy their holiday Jamaica.

Top Jamaica Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The beaches of Jamaica are considered to be so beautiful that they are compared to paradise. The most popular beaches on the island of Jamaica include the Lime Cay in the Kingston Area which famous for water sports and bathing. Also, the Turtle Beach and the Mallard Beach are the most popular ones in Jamaica and are located in Ocho Rios. Seven Mile Beach at Negril, Cornwall Beach at Montego Bay, Boston Bay Beach, Frenchman’s Bay Beach and Blue Lagoon Beach at Port Antonio are also some other popular beaches in Jamaica.

Various four-star and five-star hotel resorts are present in Jamaica where you can be assured of a great stay during your holiday Jamaica. These include The Caves in Negril, Catcha Falling Star in Negril, Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, etc.

Shopping Places for Jamaica Holidays Traveler:

Local shops and markets are the best place to shop when you are on holiday Jamaica. Also, some amount of haggling is required to get good deals since the prices quoted are high. Even higher prices are quoted in hotels. Wooden carvings and bamboo articles are sold in local markets like Bamboo Village where travelers can get stuff like lighters, ashtrays, t-shirts, swimwear, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Jamaica is a place which is really warm and returns all the fascination that you find in the natural landscapes and the laid-back attitude of the island. You will instantly like  the place since there is so much warmth in  the people and also you will get to relax and have a great time in the island of Jamaica.