Kenya Holidays

A country completely packed with action, nature and adventure, Kenya is most powerful economy in Africa. It is also called as the ‘jewel of East Africa’. This country is small but nowhere does it lack in the excitement which is experienced by the travellers who visit this country. Nature at its best can be witnessed here with finest beaches, splendid wildlife and amazing landscaping so beautiful that it looks too good to be true. Visit this beautiful land of Kenya and have a great time on your holiday Kenya.

Famous Kenya Holidays Attraction

Travellers will find nature at its best in Kenya. There are a wide variety of landscapes which can be found in the same small country. Opposite geographical features are present here. There are beaches which are beautiful and also the lofty peak of Mount Kenya. Between these two extremes, beautiful savannahs are also present. Various species of plants and animals are also present here. Around one-tenth of the land of Kenya have been designated as national parks which makes it really interesting for the travellers to discover different elements of nature so closely and have a great time during their holiday Kenya.

Top Kenya Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Some of the most beautiful beaches of Africa are found in Kenya. Crystal clear blue water along the fine white sand creates a feeling of amazement. The Diani beach, the Tiwi Beach, Wasini Island and Kisie-Mpunguti Marine Reserve are great places the travellers can visit and ensure a nice time in holiday Kenya. Shanzu, Vipingo, Nyali, Mtwapa, Kikambala and Takaungu beaches in the northern part of the country are also equally beautiful and clear. The island of Mombasa is also a very sought after place in Kenya.

The shield system of grading in Kenya makes the hotels very particular in providing the best facilities to travellers. There are many 4-shield and 5-shield hotels like Flamingo Beach Hotel, Kasr al Bahar Hotel, Palm Beach hotel, Vasco da Gama Hotel, Dolphin Hotel etc. All these hotels ensure that travellers have a great and comfortable stay when they are holidaying in Kenya.

Shopping Places for Kenya Holidays Traveller

It is mainly the souvenir market that is established in the Kenya. Prices may be high initially but those can be brought down by haggling and bargaining. Local craftsmen can be found with their roadside stalls everywhere. There are many markets in Nairobi like the City Market, Moi Avenue and the Nyerere Street. Sisal baskets, batiks, wax paintings, tribal beads, bracelets etc can be easily purchased and that too in a good deal.

Visiting the country is a great experience which travellers can have and remember all their life. Excitement is instilled in their holiday Kenya with so much to see and explore. Discover this natural world with different plants and animals and have a great holiday.