Latvia Holidays

A small country present in Europe with a coast on Baltic Sea, Latvia has a good variety of exciting experiences that travellers to this country can have. The place is full of peaceful experiences and also some great nature parks, lakes and also beautiful wildernesses. The country also has a World Heritage Site to its credit which makes it all the more popular amongst tourists. Have a holiday Latvia and enjoy the best features of this small European nation which has ample to boast, both urban and rural and also a great history as its background.

Famous Latvia Holidays Attraction

The most popular place to visit while in Latvia is the city of Riga which is the capital of the country.  The city is more than 800 years old and has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Also, there are many other old towns in the country like Cesis, Kuldiga, Sigulda with so many castles and palaces, etc. Liepaja is also a city well-visited due to its background for music in Latvia.

Other attractions to make holiday Latvia great are Livu Akvaparks which is the biggest water attraction, the Latvijas Etnografiskais Brivdabas muzejs which is an open air museum, Karostas Cietums which is a prison, Pedvale open air museum, Saaremaa Island, etc.

Top Latvia Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Latvia is a place where travellers can just be mused all the time with the natural beauty that exists in the place so unperturbed and untouched. Such is the beauty of the beaches which are present in Latvia. These include the Baltic Beach, the Jurmala Beach, Gulf of Riga Beach and the River Lielupe Beach. The water is crystal blue with the white creamy sands shining against the sun giving a very heavenly feeling to the scenic beauty.

The hotels and accommodations can be obtained according to the needs of travellers while on holiday Latvia. Various 3, 4 and 5-star hotels are present which can be booked beforehand too. Reval Ridzene in Riga, Dodo Hotel, Kolonna Hotel Brigita, Konventa Seta, Nordic Hotel Bellevue, Slokas OK hotel are some options to consider for a good stay.

Shopping Places for Latvia Holidays Traveller

Latvia is considered to be slightly expensive than the other Scandinavian countries. However, there are great souvenir selling shops which can be made use of while purchasing goods. Also, modern shopping centres are also present where you can get the best brands for shopping. However, these can be costlier than their cost in the traveller’s native country. Also, amber works are also available in the markets and can be bought as souvenirs.

Holiday Latvia can be a great experience for the travellers. It is a combination of a laid back and relaxed time which is coupled with the best comforts and conveniences made available to them for a memorable stay.