Liechtenstein Holidays

The sixth smallest country in the world landlocked between Switzerland and Europe, Liechtenstein is a country which is usually forgotten even though it has a better standard of living than most of its European neighbours. The country is very small with just a length of 25 km and width of 6 km. Even though one might not be able to imagine this, but Liechtenstein has a large variety of geographical features which are a very natural and heavenly view to see. The country is the last of the Holy Roman Empire and therefore has a great history credited to it.

Famous Liechtenstein Holidays Attraction

Numerous holiday attractions are present in Liechtenstein. This includes the capital city of the country called Vaduz. The main shopping area of the country is present here. While on holiday Liechtenstein, travellers can buy souvenirs and also merchandise belonging to famous brands easily. The grand Cathedral and the very famous Liechtenstein Kunstmuseum are also present here. The great castle called Schloss Vaduz is a great sight to see even though it is not open to general public to visit.

Another city called Balzers is also popular with tourists due to the beautiful church and an imposing gothic castle present there. Also, in winters, the country becomes a famous attraction for those who wish to ski and snowboard and have an experience of the alpine mountains.

Top Liechtenstein Holidays Beaches and Hotels:

Liechtenstein is a doubly landlocked country. This means that the country has no ocean borders and also the countries that surround it do not have any ocean borders. However, the natural beauty of the country even without the presence of beaches is very imposing and has a remarkable effect on the travellers during their holiday Liechtenstein.

Looking for accommodation, the hotels in Liechtenstein have great options to stay no matter which city you go to. While on holiday Liechtenstein, you can go to the Park Hotel Sonnenhof, Gasthof Prasch, Minotel Kulm in Vaduz. Also, good hotels are present in other cities like Malbun, Schaan, Triesen, Schellenberg, etc.

Shopping Places for Liechtenstein Holidays Traveller

Stamps are something that almost everyone buys when he/she comes to Liechtenstein since they put so many different stamps. Old stamps can also be bought from souvenir shops with their price being decided by their age. Also famous are the wines, hand painted pottery, articles and handcrafts made from Balzner marble. Souvenir shops are open in Vaduz from April to October. Travellers can also shop on Sundays and holidays.

It seems like the country Liechtenstein has been forgotten like a small land piece tucked in a corner. However, there is much more to it than meet the superficial. Have a holiday Liechtenstein and decide for yourself. The natural wondrous beauty and resounding history of the place is something that leaves an impact on every mind.