Lithuania Holidays

A nation which has borne the brunt of two opposing forces and was washed out of the European continent has now come back with a bang into the European Union. Lithuania is a country which is located in the eastern part of Europe. The country has different ethnographic regions which differ from each other in culture, clothing, dialect and also the way of life.

A nation that is proud of its culture, clothing and practically everything, Lithuania has a great variety of experiences in store for travellers who come to have a taste of this place. Travellers who are on a holiday Lithuania can get great experiences by enjoying all that this country has on offer.

Famous Lithuania Holidays Attraction

Vilnus is the capital city of the country and thereby the most developed too. Kaunas and Klaipeda are the other two big cities in the country. Modern lifestyles and development of work opportunities has been seen in these cities to a great extent. Klaipeda is also an important port and so as Nida and Juodkrante.

In the north of Siauliai is located the Hill of Crosses. This site is religiously very important to the locals and also a very popular sport for travellers during their holiday Lithuania. A World Heritage Site is also present in Lithuania. It is a unique national park called as the Curonian Spit. This national park is unique because it protects sand dunes with rare flora, seaboard forest, white sanded beaches and also old ethnographic villages.

Top Lithuania Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The unique beaches of Lithuania certainly rate very high on the list of travellers during their holiday Lithuania. The beaches have Baltic waters and the Curonian Lagoons and have high sand dunes formed. The most popular beaches are present at Palanga. These include the Nida Beach, the Juodkrante beach, Smiltyne Beach, Melnrage beach, Botanical Park beach etc.

Various hotels are present in every city and travellers can choose according to their requirements. Vilnius has the Hotel Narutis, Hotel Congress etc. which are 5 and 4-star options. Similar options are present in Kaunas, Klaipeda, etc to choose from.

Shopping Places for Lithuania Holidays Traveller

Even when there are so many European cities flourishing as shopping centres for the world, Lithuania will not certainly boast of the same level. However, there is something which is unique to Lithuania only. Amber is the most important of those things. Necklaces, rings, crosses, etc can be bought in amber. This stone is supposed to bring purity in the soul. Another good buy would be linen since the quality available here is unmatched by any other in the world. There are numerous shops in Vilnius itself which can make it easy for travellers on holiday Lithuania to make a good buy.

The best thing about the country is the pride that locals take in their culture and traditions. Such is the magic of the natural beauty as well as the history there that no traveller can come unfazed from it.