Luxembourg Holidays

The land which can be called as emerged from a fairy tale, this country has suffered so much in the history that it would be difficult for any other to survive and grow. However, Luxembourg has risen since its independence and also is now an active member of the NATO. Attacked in both World Wars, the country Luxembourg still managed to get it freed and is now a part of the European Union.

There is so much history to know when travellers on holiday Luxembourg come to explore this place. Also, the country has lush green environs making it highly attractive. There are picturesque sights with different geographical features like hills and valley, forests, vineyards and rock formations.

Famous Luxembourg Holidays Attraction

For people who are on holiday Luxembourg, there are more than a few places which are highly attractive. The most important of them is the Sigefroi’s castle which has been built 20 times in 400 years. This was the reason for war of many countries who wanted to besiege this castle. Other spots are the UNESCO world heritage site which is the old centre in Luxembourg-Ville. Also, Diekirch is popular with the WW II museum along with the cities Mertert and Echternach.

Top Luxembourg Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Luxembourg is a land locked country between Belgium, France and Germany. However, the absence of beaches is not even felt since there are so much more natural wonders present which make the country just magical.

Hotels are present in plenty in Luxembourg to cater to your needs of comfort. Some of them are Sofitel Lux Le Grand Ducal, Hotel Carlton, Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg, Parc Beaux-Arts Hotel Luxembourg, Novotel Luxembourg Centre, Albert Premier, Mercure Grand Hotel Alfa Luxembourg, Hilton Luxembourg, etc. All these hotels provide modern comforts and conveniences to the travellers. With such places to stay, travellers will truly enjoy their experience in their holiday Luxembourg.

Shopping Places for Luxembourg Holidays Traveller:

During holiday Luxembourg, there are a variety of things that travellers can buy in Luxembourg. Also, there are good places to shop with reasonable prices which are completely affordable. The articles that can be purchased include clothing, jewellery, chocolates, etc. Auchan shopping centre is one of the best places to make a choice for these at good prices. Also, the Grand Rue area and area around train station are also good for an affordable steal.

Pieces of art are another hot deal that you can make in Luxembourg. Pottery, clocks, designer clothes, paintings, decorates porcelain plates, cast iron wall plaques etc are also things the travellers can buy.

A great experience is on the cards for travellers who wish to go for a holiday Luxembourg. Plan a trip and spend a vacation in this beautiful fairyland. The time spent will be memorable and every penny spent worth the experience.