Namibia Holidays

Namibia is a country located in southern part of Africa. Namibia is popular for having wonderful natural attractions and the diversity of people that exist in the region. The country shares its borders with South Africa, Botswana, Angola and Zambia. It also overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. With truly undisturbed landscaping of nature and the variety of geographical features that are present here, the place is simply very adventurous, especially for those who have an affinity for nature. People on holiday Namibia are simply spellbound on seeing the beauty of nature and the raw wilderness that can be appreciated here.

Famous Namibia Holidays Attraction

The main cities of the country are Windhoek which is the capital city, Keetmanshoop, Ongangwa, Oshakati, Tsumeb, etc. The destinations which are popular with tourists on holiday Namibia include the Brandberg Mountains which are the highest in Namibia, the Etosha National Park, a ghost town called Kolmanskop, Fish River Canyon Park which is the second largest in the world, Waterberg Plateau Park to watch wildlife, Sossusvlei which is the gateway to enter Namib desert, Opuwo and Kaokoland which are home of Himba tribe and also have desert elephants, Epupa waterfalls, etc. Also, the Kalahari Desert in Namibia is another attraction to the people who come to visit this beautiful land.

Top Namibia Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The 2000 kilometres of long expanse of beaches is rather undisturbed and unused. Only a few surfers use it. Also, the Skeleton Coast where the sand meets the Atlantic Ocean is not exactly a beach but more of a tourist spot to see the skeleton of ships breached in fog on this coast.

Accommodations are available for all kinds of budgets. Three, four and five-star accommodations are easily available. The city of Swakopmund has the Burning Shore Hotel which is a five star hotel and the Swakopmund Hotel which provides 4-star accommodation. Windhoek, the capital of the country, has Kalahari Sands Hotel, the Windhoek Resort and the Villa Verdi Guesthouse which provide four and three-star accommodation to travellers on their holiday Namibia.

Shopping Places for Namibia Holidays Traveller

Those travellers who are on holiday Namibia can get a good number of options to shop and also take home as souvenirs. Special items made here include Herero dolls; hand carved wooden objects, jewellery, karosse rugs, liqueur rugs, Swakara garments, etc. Also, diamonds and semi-precious stones form a good buy here. The best place to shop for the merchandise is the Windhoek Street Market. Bigger supermarkets are also present where shopping can be done. Fashionable shops in Windhoek are a common sight.

Namibia is the land of the best quality diamonds in the world and this also has attracted travellers and searchers since very long. The natural attractions add a lot more to the beauty of the place and travellers come here to explore these beautiful sights.