North Korea Holidays

North Korea is officially called as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and is slightly larger in size than England. Located in East Asia, the country has a limited access and the only way to enter this country is through China. The other neighbours of North Korea are Russia and South Korea.

Those people who undertake travel to North Korea have a very unique experience to remember. However, the holiday North Korea that people can take up has to be a guided tour and independent travel is not allowed in the country. A lot of limitations have to be followed which can be done under a guided tour itself.

Famous North Korea Holidays Attraction

The main cities of North Korea frequented by tourists include the capital which is P'yŏngyang. This was also the capital of the country in the period of Three Kingdoms and therefore has a cultural and historical importance attached to it. Kaesong is also visited frequently by travellers on their holiday North Korea since it was the capital during the Goryeo Dynasty. The other popular destinations in North Korea include the Kumgangsan which are the Diamond Mountains. Also, the Mysterious Fragrant Mountain called as Myohyangsan is also popular with tourists for hiking. Paekdusan, which is the tallest mountain in the Korea and Panmunjom are also very frequently visited by travellers.

Top North Korea Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Since the trips to North Korea are guided, constant supervision is there and so is surveillance. Accessing beaches is next to impossible in the current situation. If someone wishes to see the shoreline, speed boats can be hired from china and experiences can be obtained in the Yalu River.

There are various hotels in North Korea where travellers can enjoy a good stay during holiday North Korea. These include the Yanggakdo Hotel, Koryo Hotel, Pothonggang Hotel, Sosan Hotel, Ryanggang Hotel, Youth Hotel, etc. All the basic facilities and sometimes the best of comforts are also available here in these hotels where the travellers on holiday North Korea can have a great time even under constant supervision.

Shopping Places for North Korea Holidays Traveller:

Options of shopping are also very limited in North Korea. The best thing to buy here is the natural Ginseng which can act as tea or a general herb. A lot of varieties which are available at a high cost in other parts of the world are available easily at low costs here. Also, another buy can be books which have propaganda to publicise.

Even though the freedom to explore is very limited, travellers still come to have a taste of holiday North Korea. They have a great time here in exploring the beauty of the mountain landscapes and having fun in exploring the culture of the country in its historic capitals.