Panama Holidays

Panama Canal is one of the most important routes of shipping all over the world. It is controlled by a small country which is strategically located on the isthmus between North America and South America and is called Panama. ‘Crossroads of the Americas’ as it is commonly called is a paradise for travellers since it has a lot of options for water sports, beautiful beaches, rain forests, et c to explore.

The beauty of the Panama is comparatively undiscovered by the world till now. Other similar places like Costa Rica have experienced the boom of tourism and now have commercialised. How ever, this situation has not yet occurred with Panama and they have planned better ways for tourism to grow in this beautiful and natural land. Know this little secret of Panama by going on a holiday Panama.

Famous Panama Holidays Attraction

There are many regions and cities in Panama which are to be visited by travellers on their holiday Panama. Boquete, Panama City, Colon, David, Gamboa form the major ones of them. The Panama City is the capital city and has three regions of interest. These are the Old City, New City and the colonial city. Also, Balboa, Thoene, Coco Solo, Manzanillo, Vacamonte etc are some ports and harbours which can be visited.

An archipelago which is protected by coral reefs, Bocas Del Toro is also another destination in Isla Colon which is not to be missed while in Panama. The Valley of Flowers and habitat of Resplendent Quetzel in Boquete can also be visited. Also in the lists of must-visits are included Cerro Punta, Contadora, El Valle, Isla Grande, Pearl Islands, Pedasi, Portobelo, San Blas Islands, Taboga, etc.

Top Panama Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Coastlines of Panama extend both on the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. There are many beaches in Panama which will simply make the holiday Panama goer mesmerised. Contadora has 13 beaches where you can do things like sunbathing, picnicking, etc. the main land of the country also has some amazing beaches like Punta Chame, Nueva Gorgona, Coronado, San Carlos, El Palmar, and Farallon, etc.

Hotels are present in plenty as a preparation for a tourist inflow. Panama City has some fine hotels which provide a great stay to the travellers. These include Barcelo Hotel de Ville and The Bristol which are five-star hotels. Also, there are options like Intercontinental, Marriott Panama, Radisson Decapolis, Avalon Grand Panama, Crowne Plaza, etc.

Shopping Places for Panama Holidays Traveller:

Shopping can be a great experience while travellers are enjoying their holiday Panama. The Central Avenue is the most picturesque place for shopping since traffic has been closed and it is only shops that line the streets. Like an open air mall, deals are waiting to be closed in at every corner. Also, the old YMCA centre is a favourite for buying crafts.

With so much to discover in Panama, there are great ways to spend time in this beautiful land. A lot of memories and experiences from here can be cherished throughout the life.