Peru Holidays

A South American country, Peru faces the South Pacific Ocean and is located on the western side of the continent and has the Andes Mountains. The neighbours of the country include Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. Peru is the perfect launch pad when you wish to visit South America. This country has something for everyone. Historians, adventure lovers, nature seekers, and almost people of all interests come to holiday Peru and have a great time exploring the amazing landscaping, the beautiful terrains and the rich culture and history which breathes here. Peru just seems to be a place out of a movie which fascinates you no end with all action taking place within your sight.

Famous Peru Holidays Attraction

The complete capital city of Lima has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to the old colonial buildings, museums, etc which make it an amazing place to start their exploration. Also, the capital of the last Inca Empire which is Cusco is the most important tourist attraction in the country. The town has ruins of Incas, colonial buildings which are simply spellbinding. Other attractions include the Lake Titicaca which is the highest fresh water lake in the world. Also, the Nazca lines which were scratched on the ground and discernible only from air are attractive during holiday Peru. The main highlight however is the Machu Pichhu which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and is visited by more than 2000 people every day.  

Top Peru Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The cities in Peru which have popular beaches include Lima, Trujillo and Piura. Punta Sal is said to be the best of the beaches and is located not far from the Ecuador border. Water sports like surfing, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, wind surfing, etc can also be taken up in addition to simple soaking in the sun when the weather is hot.

There are many five-star hotels in Peru which are spread out in different cities to cater to needs of tourists on holiday Peru. These include Miraflores Park Hotel, Swissotel Lima Hotel, Country Club Hotel, JW Marriot hotel, Novotel Cusco Hotel, Picoaga Cusco Hotel, Machu Pichhu Pueblo Hotel, etc.

Shopping Places for Peru Holidays Traveller

The Central Market in Cusco is a great place for all kinds of shopping for tourists on holiday Peru. In Pisac, the Plaza de Armas Market is also a destination for some great shopping where one can buy almost anything. Weaving which is a local craft here can be bought and the products are cheap and good quality too. The Street Market in Puno is also a great place to shop around.

With Peru offering so much to the people, they tend to come back because it is difficult to traverse all aspects of the holiday in just one trip. Plan today and enjoy your holiday Peru.