Philippines Holidays

Republic of Philippines is an archipelago which is located between Philippine Sea and South China Sea. Vietnam, Sabah and Borneo are the neighbours of Philippines. The archipelago and its natural settings and wonders are just too attractive for any tourists to stay away from it. Nature, culture, warmth etc are all found in abundance in Philippines.

People on holiday Philippines find it a great experience to discover some natural and pleasant places which are a sure surprise and found just here in this beautiful land which is made of 7107 islands. Also, when it comes to people, there is a mixture of over 100 ethnic groups which live in harmony with each other and also welcome travellers to provide an excellent experience.

Famous Philippines Holidays Attraction

The big and small cities of Philippines are loaded with attractive history, people, culture and life which make them amazing for travel. Manila is the capital and the metropolitan area. Angeles is a city with a superb history whereas Bacolod and Baguio are also amazing places to visit. Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Vigan which is a UNESCO heritage site, Zamboanga City etc are also some great cities to explore for their specialities. Also, there are many other destinations too which can be a great experience to visit. These include Banaue, Boracay, Camarines Sur, Malapuscua Island, Panglao Island, Puerto Galera, Tarlac, Ligao city, etc.

Top Philippines Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Philippines is a hot and humid country which has numerous beaches that are beautiful and highly attractive. This is enhanced by locals being very friendly and also great places to stay nearby. The beaches include the White Beach in Boracay Island, Honda Bay in Palawan, Malapuscua Island, Bantayan Island, Muelle Bay in Puerto Galera, Puraran Beach, etc.

There are more than 250 hotels in Philippines which offer all kinds of stay to the travellers during holiday Philippines. The top hotels however include the Century 21 Hotel which provides great facilities to the travellers. The Angeles Beach Club Hotel and the Cebu Grand Hotel are also highly popular with the tourists as well.

Shopping Places for Philippines Holidays Traveller

There are various places travellers on holiday Philippines can shop. The stalls and shops which line the beaches are amazing places to shop for souvenirs, local crafts, flip flops, local items and things of basic necessity. Sari sari stores which sell almost anything are the best places to get low cost deals. Shoe marts for any kinds of shoes are also present in Philippines. Local vendors are also the best for eating some street delicacies.

For such a great experience that one can attain in Philippines, travel far and wide in this country which is full of natural settings, landscaping, and also very warm people. Enjoy your holiday Philippines and gather an experience of a lifetime.