Poland Holidays

Poland is a country which is located in the central part of Europe, a position which is very crucial in the continent. Also, it is the position of Poland that it to being destructed so many times and conquered by different contenders. However, the country has risen from its ashes like a phoenix and seems to be indestructible now. The beauty of the country is also infallible. There are beautiful landscapes, great history which peeps out at every corner, national parks, highlands, lowlands, etc which make it really a pleasant visit for those who are on holiday Poland. With a proud cultural heritage and art forms like theatre, music, opera, etc, this country has great experiences to offer to the travellers who wish to explore and enjoy.

Famous Poland Holidays Attraction

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and the biggest and developed city too. Krakow is the cultural capital of the nation and also has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Monuments, historical churches, medieval markets, etc make the place interesting. Wroclaw, Gdansk, Szczecin are some other cities which have lots to explore and discover while on holiday Poland.

Other famous attractions include the Old Town in Warsaw, Old Town in Torun, Bialoweiza Forest, Churches in Jawor and Swidnica, Park Muzakowski in Leknica, People’s Hall etc.

Top Poland Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are some beautiful beaches in Poland although people who have never been to Poland might not have an inkling of this. Miles of golden sandy shoreline is present in the country. The beaches can be accessed by passing through small extent of protected pine forests. The Baltic coast is in itself a very pleasant place to be. Near Gandsk, the shore has white beaches where people can come and experience various adventure water sports or simply bask in the sun. These beaches are relatively unspoilt. It is safe to swim at the beaches too with life-guards stationed there.

There are many world-class hotels in Warsaw, Krakow and Poznan where tourists can have a great stay during holiday Poland. These include the Le Meridian, the Grand Hotel, Trawinski Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Holiday Inn Hotel, Regina Hotel, etc. 

Shopping Places for Poland Holidays Traveller

For souvenirs, one can shop almost anywhere. These may be anything from amber to silver jewellery, laces, tablecloths, koniakow, pottery, etc. Street vendors in Warsaw also sometimes sell really good stuff which can be obtained at a low price. If you wish to buy some traditional Polish items, then Zakopane is the best place for this. Hand-ax, goat cheese, Polish chocolate, shoes, games, breads, etc are available in Krupowki Street in Zakopane. Shop till you drop during your holiday Poland.

Poland is too big to explore in just one visit. Take out ample time and enjoy the superb surroundings and environment of Poland.