Puerto Rico Holidays

Puerto Rico is a self-governing island but which lies in the commonwealth of United States. It is located on a very key shipping lane in the Panama Canal. People are often confused as to the entity of the island, whether it is a country in itself or a US state. The island was discovered by Christopher Columbus and was named as San Juan Bautista in honour of Saint John the Baptist. With ample number of natural assets that the island has, travellers from all over the world come to see this crossroads of Latin culture with modernised remaining America. Travellers on holiday Puerto Rico have a great merry time in exploring this beautiful island and adjoining lands to see the beauty of nature unspoilt.

Famous Puerto Rico Holidays Attraction

San Juan is the capital of the island and also is claimed to be the biggest and best natural harbour in the Caribbean. The world’s largest radio telescope can be seen at Arecibo. Also, there are other municipalities that can be visited like Caguas, Carolina, Dorado, Fajardo, Guayama, Mayaguez, Rio Grande, etc.

Other destinations include El Yunque National Forest, Guanica State Forest, etc. The San Juan National Historic Site is also a place which has to be visited. There are various places to visit here like San Cristobal, San Felipe del Morro, San Juan de la Cruz, Bastions, powder houses, etc. the forts are well preserved since it was one of the best in Americas. To see wildlife undisturbed, Mona Island which is secluded and has only wildlife can also be visited by appointment.
Top Puerto Rico Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Luquillo beach which even has a coral reef is the most suited for visit by families. For surfing, the Playa Higeuro and for swimming, the Playa de Ponce is the best place to be.
The former has even been nicknamed as “Little Malibu” due to the fetish of people for surfing. If the travellers wish for a little peace on the beach while they are on holiday Puerto Rico, then the Rosado Beach is one where a little cove provides an escape. For snorkelling, Playa Esperanza is the best beach since there is a lot under water which will surprise and amaze the travellers.

There are various places of different kinds where you can stay in Puerto Rico. Star-classed stay is available at the Ritz-Carlton in San Juan. Also, the Embassy Suites which even have a casino are also present. Local smaller inns and luxury hotels are also present. If you wish for a more natural setting, then the Hix Island House, Casa Alta Vista can be stayed at.

Shopping Places for Puerto Rico Holidays Traveller

Plaza de la Americas is the best place where you can shop for everything modern and hi-tech. Also, souvenirs and cheap stuff can be obtained from local and roadside vendors.

Such amazing landscaping and assets that Puerto Rico has is possessed by very few countries in the world. Have fun on your holiday Puerto Rico and enjoy the great time.