Serbia Holidays

A landlocked country in Europe and located in  the Central and South-eastern part of Europe, Serbia is a destination which is relatively undiscovered as compared to the rest of the European countries. Unlike earlier, this country has now opened its arms for tourists and started welcoming since now it is a democracy and wishes to bank in on the numerous natural assets and tourist places that it has. Serbia has simply a lot to offer to people who come looking for a great vacation and a holiday which can relax them. Holiday Serbia is going to be the new name now when it comes to holidaying in Europe.

Famous Serbia Holidays Attraction

Serbia has around eight sites which have been marked under the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. These include the Stari Ras and  the Sopocani monasteries which were included in 1979, the Studenica Monastery in 1986, Decani Monastery, Our Lady of Ljevis, Gracanica, Patriarchate of Pec added to  the list in 2004 and also the Palace of Galerius, Gamzigrad which was added recently in 2007. All these places are magical and attract numerous travellers on holiday Serbia.

Also, there are two literary memorials too which are added to the list of UNESCO.  These are the Gospels of Miroslav which belong to the 12th century and also Nikola Tesla’s archives. National Museum in Belgrade, the capital city is also an attraction for tourists since it houses more than 400, 000 exhibits.

Top Serbia Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Serbia is a landlocked country in Europe and has no picturesque beaches. However, the country is still very attractive due to its rich history and culture. There are many interesting places which make up for the absence of beaches in this beautiful country.

There are a number of hotels in Serbia, especially Belgrade which provide travellers on holiday Serbia.  These include the Union Ad Hotel, Best Western Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Hyatt Regency, etc. Modern facilities and complete luxury is made available to the travellers who wish to have a convenient stay. 

Shopping Places for Serbia Holidays Traveller:

If you wish to buy antiques from Belgrade, then you should not face a problem since there are numerous stores selling these articles. The City Passage and New Millennium shopping centre is another place where you can bank upon for any kind of shopping. Similarly, the             ÈUMIÆEVO SOKAÈE shopping centre is another place of the same league.  The Belgrade Fair which takes place on Sundays is a great place to buy fabrics, technical devices and clothes. Also, the deals cost a lot less than the modern high-rise malls and shopping centres giving travellers on holiday Serbia an edge.

Have a taste of this great destination Serbia before the rest of the world flocks here and disturbs the natural setting. Enjoy your vacation to Serbia and have great memories.