Slovakia Holidays

A country which is landlocked between Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine, Slovakia is located in Central Europe. If one thought that Slovakia had nothing much to explore and find out, they are totally in for a surprise. This country has the highest number of castles and chateaux per capita than anywhere else in the world. Therefore every traveller on holiday Slovakia is bound to have a good time, no matter which part of the year this country is visited.

A country of medieval castles built on rocks, about 3000 caves including karst caves, ice caves, aragonite caves, etc, Slovakia is an interesting place for visit even if its historians, adventure-seekers or general holiday goers.

Famous Slovakia Holidays Attraction

The capital city Bratislava is in true sense the capital city.  There is simply too much to explore here. The capital is actually a restored historical centre which has beautiful gothic and baroque churches, palaces, cobblestone streets, fountains, etc. Also, cosmopolitan atmosphere is also found since this is the capital city. Also, travellers on holiday Slovakia come to see the largest crown in the world which is placed on St. Martin’s Cathedral.

Zilina is another well preserved historical city centre which has beautiful architecture. Kosice, Levoca, Banska Stiavnica which is most beautiful and also a UNESCO site, Bardejov, Nitra, Poprad, etc. Also popular is the Slovensky Raj National Park, Vlkolinec which is a UNESCO heritage list village, Spissky Hrad which is the biggest castle in Europe and a UNESCO Site. Natural areas of Orava can also be seen and Trencin which is the most beautiful town of Slovak is also a place worth a visit for sure when on holiday Slovakia.

Top Slovakia Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Slovakia is a landlocked country and therefore has no beaches. However, the heritage which it has through medieval castles and palaces is simply worth a lot more and cannot be ignored.

There are many hotels in Slovakia which are present in different locations and charge differently too. The most popular ones include the Hotel Marrols, Radisson SAS Carlton Hotel, City Hotel, Hotel Tatra, etc in Bratislava. Also, Kosice too has some great places to stay which include Hotel Bristol, Pension Golden Royal, Hotel Teledom, Hotel Bankov, etc. All cities have good places of accommodation which travellers on holiday Slovakia find really comfortable to stay in.

Shopping Places for Slovakia Holidays Traveller

Uluv or market places seem to be the best places where you can shop for various local arts and crafts and also other goods. These items which you can buy include the Easter egg, dolls made of corn skin, laces, chocolates, ceramics, basketry, wooden stuff, etc.

This country Slovakia is simply a great place when it comes to know more about history, architecture, heritage, etc. If you wish to have a breathtaking new experience all through your stay, visit Slovakia.