Slovakia Holidays

Even though a small but a very picturesque country, Slovenia is located in Central Europe and has so much in its small size that it sometimes becomes hard to believe. The country lies in the eastern Alps at the north-eastern end of the Adriatic Sea. The neighbours of the country are Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia.

Slovenia is said to have the finest of landscaping and natural scenery in the “New Europe”. Also, various kinds of terrain are present in the small territory under the country. Even the people of Slovenia are fiercely proud of the culture that they live in. a beautiful coast, alpine mountains, mixed mountain valleys, marshes; karst, etc are some of the topographies that are seen in Slovenia. Travellers are completely occupied with such attractions on their holiday Slovenia.

Famous Slovenia Holidays Attraction

All cities of Slovenia, including the capital Ljubljana are all beautiful and have a speciality of their own which can be enjoyed thoroughly. It may be history, beaches, casinos, industry, etc which makes them special. Also, there are other destinations too which may be visited. These include Kamnik which is a beautiful medieval town, the UNESCO site Divaca which has Skocjan Caves. Dovje-Mojstrana is the gateway to climb Julian Alps and so is Bled which is a mountain lake with castle and island which has to be visited for sure. The old historical town Radovljica, the alpine kale Bohinj, the Postojna Caves and also the Triglav National Park are places worth a visit.

Top Slovenia Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Slovenia has two popular beaches called as the Strunjanski beach and the Fiesa beach.  Both of them are present in natural surroundings. The water is clean and pure blue-green in colour. Places to eat are present alongside the beach which makes it rather comfortable for the travellers on holiday Slovenia.

Luxurious hotels and grand places to stay in Slovenia are present. These include the Grand Hotel Toplice, Grand Hotel Metropol, Hotel Livada Prestige, Grand Hotel Portoroz, Grand Hotel Bernardin, Hotel Lev, etc which are all five-star hotels. Also there are present three and four-star hotel options which can be opted for as well depending upon the budget of travellers on holiday Slovenia.

Shopping Places for Slovenia Holidays Traveller

The central market in LjubLjana is the best place to shop for things which are genuinely Slovenian. Religious subjects, bee hive art panels called as Panjska Koncnica are considered to be the best souvenir one can get from Slovenia. Smaller version of a wooden chest called as Skrinjica is also a great souvenir that can be taken home from Slovenia.

The great experience that one can have in Slovenia even in spite of its small size is simply tremendous. Travellers on holiday Slovenia have a great time on their trips and make amazing memories to preserve for life.