Solomon Islands Holidays

An archipelago in the Pacific which is relatively undiscovered by adventure lovers, Solomon Islands are located east of the Papua New Guinea. The location of the Solomon Islands is very strategic as it is between the South Pacific Ocean, the Solomon Sea and the Coral Sea. This has led to the islands having an almost bloody history. However, the islands have the reputation of being the best destination in the world for scuba divers, snorkelling, and fishing. The people who were once considered to be very violent and dangerous are now very warm and friendly and welcome travellers on their holiday Solomon Islands.

Famous Solomon Islands Holidays Attraction

Honiara is the capital of Solomon Islands and a great place to pay a visit to. It has its own museum, botanical gardens, and also a Chinatown. The main other islands to visit are the Guadalcanal, Malaita, Choiseul, New Georgia, San Cristobal and Santa Isabel. Some of the islands out of these are large, have mountain in the interiors, fast-flowing rivers. On the other side, the other islands are very small lagoons which are placed in fascinating lagoons.

Top Solomon Islands Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The group of Solomon Islands have numerous golden sandy beaches which provide a perfect getaway for tourists who wish to come and hang out on them. The beaches are lined by palm trees. The waters are blue and translucent and it is spectacular to see the corals and also the beautiful underwater marine life. Water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, etc are taken up here to witness the beauty of nature and well as make use of this perfect spot which has been provided by nature on their holiday Solomon Islands.

There are hotels present in Solomon Islands but the best way to enjoy this place is to find something which is as close as possible to the natural setting. Honiara Hotel, King Solomon Hotel, Kitano Mendana, Pacific Casino Hotel, Quality Motel, etc provide convenient stay to travellers on holiday Solomon Islands. The Agnes Lodge, Dolphin Island, Tavanipupu Resort, Tawaihi Island, Uepi Island, Wilderness Lodge Zipolo Habu Resort etc are some places which provide village like stays and improve your experiences.

Shopping Places for Solomon Islands Holidays Traveller

Many local arts and crafts products can be bought easily at the local markets and also at duty free shops which are present across Honiara. The local products include things like walnut and ebony carvings, shells, shell money, necklaces, carvings inlaid wit h mother-of-pearl, stamps, buka baskets, etc.

There are some great experiences in store for travellers planning a holiday Solomon Islands. Plan a visit and gather experiences of water sports, see the natural beauty underwater and also the remnants of ships from WWII in  the seas in Solomon Islands.