South Korea Holidays

Located in East Asia, the Republic of South Korea covers the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. The location is between the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. The neighbours of the country are North Korea and Japan. A fascinating country, it has numerous experiences to give to the travellers who come to explore this nation on their holiday South Korea.

even  the fortified borders and the completely ethnic Koreans residing here and also the influence of Chinese culture due to it being part of the country, South Korea has a wide variety of destinations that prove to be totally mesmerising for the travellers and they have a really nice time in this country. The oriental and historical buildings are also simply fascinating and amazing to look at.

Famous South Korea Holidays Attraction

The country South Korea has a lot of natural destinations to visit.  These include mountains, parks, rice paddies, Ski resorts, historical sites, temples, etc. Cosmopolitan cities like Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Jeju, Gwangju, etc also provide a quality of life which is very fast and typically metropolitan.

There are other destinations as well which can be visited on holiday South Korea. Ulleungdo which is scenic remote island, Andong which is rich in Confucious traditions, Seoraksan National Park which is spread out over four cities and counties, the Panmunjeom which is the only destination in  the world with the Cold War still continuing, Jindo, Boseong, Somaemuldo, etc.

Top South Korea Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are some many popular beaches in South Korea that provide travellers on holiday South Korea a great relaxed time. The Haeundae Beach is one affluent beach which attracts many tourists and is the most popular beach of Busan. Pusan also has around six beaches which are the major attraction for people in South Korea. Gwangalli beach is one such beach which is popular for cafes, restaurants and bars. The Jungmun Beach is another popular beach which is located on the Jeju Island in southern part of South Korea.

There are many good hotels and places of stay in Seoul. Cities like Busan have good five-star hotels like Haeundae Grand, Hyatt Regency, Marriot, Western Chosun beach, Paradise etc. in other cities,  there are good hotels like Concorde, Hilton, Hyandai, Inter Burgo, Park, Crowne Plaza etc.

Shopping Places for South Korea Holidays Traveller

South Korea is a heaven for shopping lovers, especially with things like clothes, spectacles, etc. However, the clothes should surely be tried before purchase since the sizes are different. Also, the local merchants can be tried for some good stuff. Seoul is a place which can be searched for almost anything to buy.

When on holiday South Korea, people have a really fun time. get some moments which are unforgettable here in South Korea and reminisce them for life.