Sweden Holidays

Out of the Scandinavian countries that lie in Northern Europe, Sweden is the largest of them. The neighbours of Sweden are Norway, Finland and connected to Denmark through the Bridge of Oresund. An open yet discreet country, Sweden is a place which is associated with very big names. Even if it has been a military power since so long, it has been two centuries that it has not participated in war.

Sweden in addition to the modern lifestyle that prevails in the cities, has many natural sites too which speak of just beauty and nothing else. Also, Sweden is a place which has world heritage. Technological advancement can also be seen here in this modern vacation spot which still has a taste of nature.

Famous Sweden Holidays Attraction

The capital city of Sweden which is Stockholm is a very beautiful place which is spread out over a number of islands. It forms a great experience for travellers on holiday Sweden to travel by water to be in the same city. Gothenburg on the west coast and Malmo in  the south are other two places which are to be visited. Other cities with some specialities are Uppsala, Vasteras, Boras, Helsingborg, Karlstad, Karlskrona, Halmstad, Lulea, Lund, Umea, Kiruna and Falun etc.

One of the largest ski resorts of Sweden, Are which has around 44 lifts should be visited for great fun. Gotland which is the largest island in Baltic Sea and also has Visby which is a UNESCO world heritage site is a must visit. Kebnekaise is a popular trail to the Abisko National Park and also the highest mountain in Sweden.

Top Sweden Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are many beautiful and warm beaches in Sweden which can get you a very relaxed time in this country. In Stockholm, Långholmsbadet and Smedsuddsbadet are the two beaches where travellers on holiday Sweden can come and have a great time. South Eastern Sweden has the Sudersand beaches on Gotland which is the most popular beach area in the Baltic Sea. Varamon beach in Ostergotland has many public facilities and also summer activities to take up. The beaches of Skane and the Boda Beach on Oland are also examples of Sweden beaches which can make things fabulous for you.

Many hotels with star-classes luxury are available in Sweden to make a stay during holiday Sweden. These include the Stayat Stockholm Kista, Best Western Hotel Gothenburg, Best Western Time hotel, Scandic Continental, Park Stockholm Scandic, etc.

Shopping Places for Sweden Holidays Traveller

If you want goods which are Swedish, going to an auction can be the best bet for that. Also, Kosta Moda which is the Swedish hand blown glass, Swedish sweets, cloudberry jams, fresh fish, etc are things are also available in local shops.