Switzerland Holidays

A very highly known and acclaimed tourist destination, Switzerland is located in Central Europe and has France, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany as its neighbours.  Known for the Alps Mountains in the south and Jura in the northeast, Switzerland has been long since a highly frequented place by tourists.

Holiday Switzerland can be such a trip that no one ever forgets in their lifetime. It is filled with adventure, fabulous climate, pleasant surroundings, amazing food, gorgeous sightseeing and lots more which can just make you feel like you are in heaven. Some of the top destinations in the world are located in Switzerland. This country is an exhibit of three different cultures that exist in Europe on larger scale.

Famous Switzerland Holidays Attraction:

Zurich, Geneva, Berne, Basel, Lausanne, Lucerne, Lugano, etc are the cities in Switzerland and also highly visited by the tourists who come for holiday Switzerland. Each of these has a speciality which attracts travellers and they can have an unforgettable time. Zurich with its amazing nightlife, Berne with its preserved buildings, wining and dining at Lausanne, Lugano with its great food and gorgeous landscaping, adventure sports at Interlaken, mountain resorts in Zermatt etc are all very highly visited by  travellers in this beautiful country. With the beautiful landscaping and great life and activities happening there, this country is simply heaven for people who wish to have a good holiday.

Top Switzerland Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are two beaches in the Switzerland. One of them is the Bains des Paquis in Geneva. This beach is a very nice place to relax and be away from the noise and stress of the city. Walking to the beach and spending some time under the sun, even in winters is very relaxing. Also, the Bellerive-Plage Swimming Pool and beach in Lausanne is a great place to relax and have a nice time with friends at the beach side café.

There are many good hotels in Switzerland in various cities which make the stay of travellers during their holiday Switzerland comfortable. The hotels in Geneva include the Bristol, Cristal, Cornavin, Epsom, La Reserve, Les Nations, Royal, etc. The city Interlaken also has some great places to stay like Bernerhof, Crystal, Krebs Hotel, Metropole, etc. Zurich, which is a highly visited city, has the Marriot, Swissotel, Wellenberg, Ibis Adliswil, Europe, etc.

Shopping Places for Switzerland Holidays Traveller

There is a lot you can shop for in Switzerland. Chocolates from Switzerland are something one can count upon to take home as souvenirs. The Swiss army knife is another very special souvenir from your holiday Switzerland. Luxurious watches, chestnuts, etc are something you can also buy.

The country Switzerland is one of the most visited in the world. Travellers find this country to be next to heaven when it comes to comfort, luxury and a good life. Spend some great time in your holiday Switzerland.