Syria Holidays

Syria or the Syrian Arab Republic is located in the Middle East and is a large country.  The capital of Syria is Damascus. The neighbours of Syria are Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, and Lebanon. Also, a small coastline is also present along the Mediterranean Sea. With mainly Arab population and also minorities from other ethnic groups, the country has a very high cultural index. Arabic is the official language of the country.

There are many cities in Syria which are well developed and make for a very good holiday Syria. Also, since the country is rich with history and culture, there are various sites and places to discover which the travellers can explore. Also, the culture is also something which can be learnt and known during the stay in Syria.

Famous Syria Holidays Attraction

The capital city Damascus is a great place for travellers to begin their holiday Syria. Aleppo, a city with a large souk and an ancient citadel with wonderful views is also worth visiting. Desert town Deri-az-Zur on the banks of river Euphrates, Hama which is the best base if tourists wish to explore Krak des Chevaliers, the ancient city Homs, Latakia which is a major port city and Tartous which is a historical port city are places worth visiting.

The main attraction of Syria is the Palmyra which is the ruin of a Roman ancient city located in the middle of the desert. Crac des Chevaliers is a medieval castle which is preserved very well and a superb destination to visit. Apamea, the former Roman city and also the Dead Cities are also places not to be missed during holiday Syria.

Top Syria Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The 182 km long coastline of Syria is along the Mediterranean Sea. Along the coastline are numerous beaches which are characterised by soft sands, unpolluted sea, clear blue waters, and pleasant climates. It is in Latakia that these beaches are present.  The most popular beach of Latakia is the Blue Beach. Tourists come here to relax and also experience adventure sports like water-skiing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, etc.

Comfortable stay is arranged during the holiday Syria. There are many hotels where travellers can have a good stay.  The hotel options include Paradise Inn Hotel, Bosra Cham Palace, Carlton Hotel, Semiramis Hotel, Fardoss Hotel, Brazil Hotel, Le Meridian Hotel, Cote d’azur de Charm resort, etc.

Shopping Places for Syria Holidays Traveller

Souks are the best place to shop while in Syria. Keffiyah is something which is suggested to buy while travellers are on their holiday Syria. Apple cultivations are also present in plenty and purchasing apples is fun there and cheap too. Other items which can be bought here include swords, copper trays, musical instruments, shoes, leather goods like whips, etc.

Get the taste of ancient cities and their ruins preserved beautifully in the beautiful country Syria. Enjoy travelling experiences to the maximum in this large country in the Middle East.