Tibet Holidays

Located in South East Asia, Tibet is a place which is entirely a different land from what any travellers might have travelled to. Tibet has a culture which is entirely different and completely authentic from the rest of the world and even from the governing country which is China.

Often referred as the ‘Roof of the World’, Tibet has the highest plateau in the world and also the world’s largest. Tibet is a very popular place for tourists who wish to see the culture in its original state that has been reinstated in this beautiful country. Also, there are many natural places of attraction too which are must visit places for tourists who are on holiday Tibet.

Famous Tibet Holidays Attraction

Lhasa, which is the capital city of Tibet, is a great place to visit. The city has the Jokhang Temple and the Potala Palace that gives a real picture of the different architecture that is specific to Tibet. In fact, the Potala Palace is the most venerated religious artefact in the country. Other cities too like Gyantse, Qamdo, and Xigatse etc are highly visited by the tourists.

Natural destinations are also present in Tibet. Mount Kailash is a mountain which is respected by Hindus as well as Buddists is a frequented place. Qomolangma National Nature Reserve is present on the Tibetan side of Mount Everest is also popular. Yarlong River National Park has the world’s largest canyon called as t he Yalung Zangbo canyon is also present in Tibet.

Top Tibet Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Tibet is a landlocked country and thereby has no beaches. However, the natural scenic beauty of the place and also the amazing culture of the place leave no time with travellers on holiday Tibet to think about beaches.

There are plenty of hotels which will provide at least a comfortable and convenient stay if not luxurious. Lhasa has hotels which provide all modern amenities. The Lhasa Deluxe Wing is the best hotel in the city and has 1100 beds. Snowland Hotel in Lhasa is also another one which has a great location and is very comfortable. The Gyantse Hotel in Gyantse is another which makes it comfortable for the tourists to stay in this city. More than 100 rooms are available in this hotel. In Zhangmu, the Zhangmu Hotel is a great place to stay and so is the Mt. Everest Hotel in Shegar.

Shopping Places for Tibet Holidays Traveller

Local vendors are the best place to buy stuff which his Tibetan since the same quality is available at a much higher pricing in malls. Shopping malls are present everywhere in Lhasa where travellers on holiday Tibet can buy all kinds of modern as well as local stuff.

Tibet has a very different flavour from the rest of the world and t his is easily grasped by the travellers on holiday Tibet.  They can enjoy their stay and have a great time in this beautiful and cultural land.