Turkey Holidays

Located in the Mediterranean in the Anatolian region of West Asia, Turkey has the Black Sea to the north, Aegean Sea to the west and Mediterranean Sea to the Southwest. The neighbours of Turkey are Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Turkey has various places which interest tourists and thereby make it a highly favoured tourist destination. Ancient cities, beautiful landscapes, resorts, old towns and their remnants, breathtaking architecture, etc and more ecstatic experiences await travellers on their holiday Turkey.

Famous Turkey Holidays Attraction

The capital of Turkey is Ankara and is the second largest and a highly visited city. Antalya, Bursa, Edirne, Istanbul which is the largest city and former capital of Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, Izmir, Sinop which is an ancient fortress city, Konya that has the tomb of Rumi, Trabzon which has the wonderful Sumela Monastery, etc are places very popular with tourists on their holiday Turkey.

Bergama which is located near ancient city of Pergamon, Bozcaada which is an attractive island, Aegean resort Bodrum, Cappadocia, Datca which is an unspoilt resort, Gallipoli which has WW I memorials, tourist city Olympos, Marmaris, Selcuk, Safranbolu which is an old town with Ottoman architecture, etc are some places which are traveller’s favourites in their holidays.

Top Turkey Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are many cities in Turkey which sport great and amazingly beautiful beaches and attract tourists for spending a relaxed time. Antalya has many beaches which are very popular. Bodrum is another resort city and so is Datca. Datca is however relatively unspoilt. Many other resorts like Marmaris which are popular with tourists and provide great time to relax and amazing surroundings to stay.

There are some great hotels in Turkey which make an amazing place to stay in Turkey. These include the Umit Pembe Kosk Hotel, Resort Dedeman, Dedeman Hotel in Konya, Stone Mansion Hotel, Antik Han Hotel, Malatya Avsar Hotel, Hotel Candles House, etc. Some of these hotels provide complete luxury to the travellers on holiday Turkey. Some however are also there which provide stay in the natural places like resorts and beaches. All these options are easily available to the travellers all over Turkey.

Shopping Places for Turkey Holidays Traveller

All kinds of stuff that travellers wish to buy, either as souvenirs from holiday Turkey or for their own needs will be available at the Grand Bazaar. Hawkers and vendors offer great deals to people at throw away rates. Silver jewellery, fruits, carpets, water pipes, wooden souvenirs, etc are also good buys that travellers can make in Turkey in different markets and places.

The beauty of Turkey lies in its towns and cities and also in the culture and folklore that is present here. Plan a trip to Turkey and spend an amazing holiday in this beautiful land.