Turkmenistan Holidays

A country which is located in Central Asia and is landlocked except for the coast on Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan is a great place to visit even though it is till now a lesser known tourist destination and therefore relatively undiscovered. Iran, Afganistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are the neighbours of Turkmenistan. Mostly a desert country, there are still many destinations which are waiting to be discovered by eager by travellers.

Turkmenistan is a country which has mostly an Islamic following of religion. The culture of the place is simply amazing and also there are many places which attract tourists and make their holiday Turkmenistan an amazing experience. Even though the country is very poor, the capital has been developed recently by spending a lot of money on it. It becomes a great experience for the travellers in this beautiful land.

Famous Turkmenistan Holidays Attraction

The capital of the Turkmenistan, Ashgabat is the most developed city in the country since a lot of money has been invested to make it worthwhile as a tourist destination.  The capital has the Neutrality Arch which is the tallest structure and commemorates the official neutrality of the country Turkmenistan. There are ornate inscriptions and a glass elevator which adorns the arch. Other cities which are worth visiting are Balkanabat, Dasoguz, Merv, Turkmenabat, Turkmenbashi, etc. The great Garagum or the Kara-Kum desert which constitutes a great part of the country is also worth a visit since the sunrises and sunsets here are simply memorable for the holiday Turkmenistan.

Top Turkmenistan Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Turkmenistan has just one coast which is on the Caspian Sea coast and the beach there is relatively empty and undiscovered as of now. Also, there are some good hotels which provide most comforts to the travellelrs on their holiday Turkmenistan. These include the Sheraton Grand Turkmen Hotel in Ashgabat which is a five-star hotel and provides complete luxury. Another four star option present is the Sheraton Ak Altin Plaza Hotel which makes for a luxurious stay of travellers.

Shopping Places for Turkmenistan Holidays Traveller

There are various places to shop for souvenirs in Turkmenistan however one cannot expect too much of fashion.  This is because of the relatively poor economic condition of the country. However, the state shops that are present in the country make bills of a lower cost too to save on the excise that can be charged on the goods that are bought. Textiles, rugs, wall hangings, bags, jackets, jewellery etc are the best buys that travellers can make during holiday Turkmenistan.

With such an amazing place to visit on holiday, the travellers can really have a memorable time in the sands of Kara-Kum desert or knowing more about the culture, ethnicity and cuisine of the locals of Turkmenistan.