United States of America Holidays

An amalgam of all cultures, ethnicities and people from all over the world, United States of America or US, USA or America as it is called, is located in the north and the north-western part of the North America. A very large country by size as well as the third most populated, USA has varying experiences in store.

United States of America is a ‘melting pot of the world’. There are places of all kinds found here which can be discovered in holiday United States of America. Densely populated areas are also present and they co-exist with areas which are uninhabited and naturally beautiful. There are so many cities and states in this country that a single visit to USA is not sufficient to get the hang of the whole country and its lifestyles and people.

Famous United States of America Holidays Attraction

Nine most notable cities are under the main focus of travellers. These include the capital Washington DC which is multi-cultural city, Boston that is known for sports and its history, Chicago with its skyscrapers and marvellous architecture, Los Angeles which is the home of Hollywood, freeways, sunshine, beaches, mountains, etc, and New York that is the largest city, San Francisco which is the gateway to the California coast and Seattle.

Also, other than the main cities, there are other destinations too like the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Yellowstone National Park, Death Valley, Yosemite National Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Glacier National Park, etc that are a must visit during holiday United States of America.

Top United States of America Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are many beaches on the coastline of United States of America which provide for the enjoyment of travellers during holiday United States of America. These beaches include the Caladesi Island State Park, the Hanalei Bay in Hawaii, Siesta Beach in Florida, Coopers Beach in New York, Coronado Beach California, Hamoa Beach, etc.

There are numerous hotels which provide a great stay to the travellers who are on holiday United States of America. Many multinational chains of hotels have their hotels in the leading cities of the country. These include the Grand Hyatt, Marriot, Intercontinental, Shangri-la, Le Meridian, etc which are spread out all over the country.

Shopping Places for United States of America Holidays Traveller

In almost all states and cities of the US, there are sprawling malls and departmental stores which provide a chance to shop for anything and everything which travellers require during holiday United States of America. Many world known international brands have their main stores here in the US and so are the best place to shop around.

In United States of America, there are simply marvellous places and sites that travellers can see and experience. The travellers would surely come back asking for more after their first trip to the United States of America.