Uruguay Holidays

The country Uruguay is located in South America and has Argentina and Brazil as its neighbours. It ranks as the second smallest country in the continent and has an Atlantic Coastline. The country was earlier facing a brain drain and also an economic crisis which is now normal. Some cities are very well developed in the country whereas there are some areas which still use primitive ways of farming and living.

The country Uruguay’s name literally means land of the colourful birds. In reality too, this place is a heaven for birdwatchers since the species of birds available here are very bright and highly interesting. Holiday Uruguay is the ultimate fun and memorable experience travellers can have.

Famous Uruguay Holidays Attraction

Montevideo is the capital of the country Uruguay. The city has the Plaza Independecia, Palacio Salvo, the Old Town, etc. Other cities which can be visited are Chuy which shares  the broder of Brazil, the Colonia del Sacramento which is a colonial town and also a UNESCO world heritage site, Fray Bentos, Juan Lacase, La Paloma, Punta del Este, Salto, etc.

Also, the beaches of Atlantic Ocean are something which cannot be missed during holiday Uruguay. Rocha has the bird watching which is an attraction for all nature and bird lovers who come here to explore nature. Horse riding and touristy ‘estancias’ are also something to be looked forward to.

Top Uruguay Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The beaches of Uruguay are famous in the world for their beauty and also modern amenities like summer resorts, casinos, restaurants, shopping, hotels, etc.  Punta del Este is a beach is simply full of tourists at all times in summer months. There are many activities which can be taken up in the day and also in the night. Cabo Polonio is another very famous beach which is a great place to hang out and relax.

Hotels in Uruguay provide travellers on holiday Uruguay a very comfortable stay.  These include the Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel, Casapeublo Club hotel, Armon Suites, Terraza Del Mar, Four Seasons Carmelo, Mantra Resort, NH Columbia, etc.

Shopping Places for Uruguay Holidays Traveller

There are many shopping malls that the country has to offer in its cities. These malls include the Punta Carretas Shopping Mall where one can easily buy clothes, fabrics, etc. Shoes, fabrics, jewellery, etc are easy to find and purchase. Wine and honey deals from Uruguay can prove to be really good and amazing. Even leather products can be purchased at a very good price.

Spend some great time during holiday Uruguay and enjoy the best time of your vacation to South America. Know more about the history of the place, involve yourself in  the culture, relax on the beach and do whatever you feel like in this laid back country Uruguay.