Zimbabwe Holidays

Zimbabwe is located in southern Africa. It has South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique as its neighbours. A natural river boundary is formed by the river Zambezi with the country Zambia. Zimbabwe was also known as the ‘Breadbasket of Africa’ at some point of time. A lot of history is present and makes itself known in the present day Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has many of the known natural physical features that have an important place in the world. Also, there are remains from history which can be seen in Zimbabwe. The climate is also moderated by altitude even when it is tropical making it good for the travellers who come for holiday Zimbabwe.

Famous Zimbabwe Holidays Attraction

Many cities including the capital Harare are worth visiting when on holiday Zimbabwe. These cities are Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Mutare, Gweru, Binga, Kariba, Marondera, etc. A good living standard relative to many African countries is present in these cities.

There are numerous places of natural beauty in Zimbabwe which are worth sure visits. The foremost is the Victoria Falls, which when flooded forms the largest natural water curtain in the world. Lake Kariba is another very famous tourist destination on northern border of Zimbabwe and provides a chance to watch African wildlife in its natural habitat. Eastern Highlands, rock formations at Matabo and the archaeological remains of the ancient city at Great Zimbabwe made of stone are a sight that cannot be missed when on holiday Zimbabwe.

Top Zimbabwe Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country and therefore no lovely, sandy beaches are there to enjoy. However, there are enough natural places and sites which cover up for the absence of beaches for travellers who are on holiday Zimbabwe.

There are many amazing hotels in Zimbabwe which provide a comfortable and convenient stay to the travellers.  The hotels include the Victoria Falls Hotel, the Imba Matombo Hotel in Harare, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ilala Lodge Zimbabwe, Elephant Hills Intercontinental, Matusudona Water Wilderness, Spurwing Island, etc. These hotels provide travellers with a stay in t he best possible manner and also some provide natural setting so as to be close to nature.

Shopping Places for Zimbabwe Holidays Traveller

There are ample shopping places in Zimbabwe which cater to any needs of the travellers. Clothes and that too typically like Zimbabwe locals are available in plenty so that travellers can get a feel of their visit and take it home too. The Borrowdale Mini Mall in Harare is an amazing place to shop, just like a proper mall with different shops and sections. Colourful clothes, sculptures, handicrafts, etc are available with ease.

Zimbabwe is a country where the best places are natural and attached to wilderness in its raw form. Arrange a trip to this beautiful land and get an experience of a lifetime.