Belfast Travel Guide

Belfast is positioned within Ulster in the Northern Ireland, being the largest city in both these two places. The estimated population of Belfast is about 277,391 as well as is the home to the Northern Irish government. The population density of the city is a comparatively large at 2,415 per km².

The city was initially built on the site of the opening of the River Farset, and that's how the city got its name. This river was recently replaced as the city's most significant River Lagan. The city traces its history back to the Bronze ages, with remnants of hill forts from the Iron Age that continues to exist.

Its very name is the anglicized version of the Irish term, which means “Mouth of the Farset”. At some point of time, this city underwent disruption, conflict and major destruction. However, it witnessed a period of calmness and development gradually.

In some recent years, it has grown in to a cosmopolitan city and became one of the most popular tourist destinations. You will be astonished with an irrepressible energy and optimism. There are a wide range of attractions like Ulster Folk Museum, cathedrals, highly acclaimed restaurants, modern lounges, attractive bars, pubs, night clubs, impressive theatres, great shopping and vivacious environment. As far as accommodation is concerned, you will be spoilt for choices. There are a large number of luxurious hotels, as well as inns, cottages and apartments. You can choose according to your needs and requirements after considering your budget.

Hotels in Belfast

There are several hotels to suit your requirement and budget. Most of these are located near the major attractions of this city, so that you don’t have to put much of your time in traveling. Some of the well known hotels in Belfast are Benedict’s Hotel, Merchant Hotel, Radisson SAS Hotel Belfast, Stormont Hotel and many more.

Famous Places in Belfast

There are innumerable exciting places to visit in Belfast. These include Albert Memorial Clock Tower, Barnett Demesne, Belfast Castle, Belfast City Skin Works, Belfast Zoo, V Gallery, Botanic Garden and Carrickfergus Castle. Many more awesome sites are also there to explore.

Night Life in Belfast

Get a taste of Belfast nightlife with very many rocking night clubs and pubs. You can make most of a night out by the live performance, nerve tickling music and vibrant surrounding.

Entertainment in Belfast

With plenty of vistor’s attractions like museums, art galleries, cathedrals and many more you will be astounded with the kind of uniqueness found here. There are a large number of night clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants to eat. You can indulge in any sports, as well.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Belfast

The top restaurants and bars in Belfast are inclusive of world famous cuisines like Italian, Russian, Australian, Thai, Lebanese, Japanese and Indian.

Where to Stay in Belfast

Belfast opens up a wide range of options for you in terms of accommodation like inns, lodges, apartments, self catering places and so on.

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