Blackpool Travel Guide

Blackpool Tower & Pleasure Beach is situated in the heart of Blackpool. The acclaimed 5 miles illumination of Blackpool can be witnessed for a couple of month usually from early September up to early November.

The tower was completed in the year 1894. It weighs 2586 tons and measures 518ft and 9in tall. The Ballroom listed therein has daily shows of Wurlitzer organ. The tower accommodates a complete indoor entertainment package with aquariums, playground and many more. Pleasure Beach adjoining the tower is spread over an expanse of 42 acres, and incorporates 12 rollercoaster and 4 water rides amidst other attractions.

Blackpool is a seaside city located in Lancashire, England. It is the forth largest settlement in North West England. It has risen to prominence as an important centre of tourism, which attracts tourists from round the world. One of its major attractions are Blackpool Illuminations, the most amazing light show on earth with million of visitors every year. It has been its part since 1879 and was described as ‘Artificial Sunshine’. It is complimented by its annual festival of light with a contemporary touch. Moreover, you can indulge in faster, taller and of course most exciting roller coasters, cosmopolitan restaurants, engaging sports, glittering night life and awesome scene and stunning breath taking scenery. You will also find a large number of shopping centers. It has the largest dance hall and mirror ball of the world.

Hotels in Blackpool

Whether you are coming with your whole family or just with your better half, you can easily find accommodation, according to your specific requirements. There are very many luxurious hotels that promise comfortable stay in this awesome city.

Famous Places in Blackpool

Several famous places are there for visitors, as well as residents that promise lots of thrills and excitement than any other vacation destination in Britain. A few of those are Pleasure Beach Blackpool, Sandcastle Water park, Blackpool Tower and Circus, Amazonian, Sealife and Blackpool Zoo and Dinosaur Safari.

Night Life in Blackpool

Blackpool offers modern nightlife like most of the UK towns. It is immensely dominated by binge drinking. There are many bars and pubs that can help you unwind the stress of workload and family woes.

Entertainment in Blackpool

For entertainment, there are a large number of avenues. With so many exciting places to visit, you will be spoilt for choices. There are so many restaurants, pubs, night clubs that would surely make this a memorable vacation for you and your family. Then there are various theatres and fun stuff.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Blackpool

It has a wide range of places to lure your taste buds from a coffee shop to award winning restaurant and bars. You can find almost any sort of cuisine like Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Lebanese and many more.

Where to Stay in Blackpool

Some of the feasible options for accommodation without affecting your budget are inns, cottages, self catering places, apartments and many more.

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