Bristol Travel Guide

Bristol, situated on the banks of River Avon. It is placed on the margins of the Unitary Districts of Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, towards the South West of England. It is the eight most populous city of England. The city has vast expense that extends to the Bristol Channel, coastal area Avonmouth near the area of Bristol.

Bristol is the sixth most populated city of England and the ninth most populous of the United Kingdom. It is the largest center of culture, education and employment in the whole region. This prosperous place is associated with the Port of Bristol. No matter whether you are planning to stay there for some hours or just spending a week, this exciting place has much to offer with attractive and enchanting places to visit. Bristol has captivating history that would surely surprise you.

Hotels in Bristol

You can find some of the luxurious, as well as mid range accommodation that too at unbeatable rates. Most of the hotels are situated near major attractions, so that you would not end up spending much on travelling expense.

Famous Places in Bristol

A few famous places to visit in Bristol are Brunel’s Great Britain to every taste; there you will find animals, museums, art galleries and many more. Then there are historic houses, churches, cinemas, theatres. You can relax in the green soothing lap of nature

Night Life in Bristol

Night life in Bristol is equally exhilarating. The moment sun sets, the city becomes all the more vibrant with theatre, music, laughter, cinema, food and drink. You can enjoy live music at Colston Hall, St. George Hall and very many night clubs like The Elbow Room, Walkabout, Oceana and Severnshed.

Entertainment in Bristol

There are a large number of places to eat, drink and make merry. With so many shopping complexes, restaurants, pubs, bars and restaurants, you will never fall short o entertainment in Bristol. It is also blessed with innumerable adventurous activities like riding, cycling, canoeing, skiing and so on.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Bristol

Bristol boasts of some of the high quality restaurants, bars and cafes that make a great place to enjoy delicious food and drinks. Sunday lunches, weekend brunches and relaxing with the afternoon tea can be a wonderful idea.

Where to Stay in Bristol

Bristol hosts some of the most comfortable and luxurious places for accommodation. There are various inns, guest houses, campus accommodation, cottages and farm that are available at affordable cost. It is an ideal way to escape the hustle and bustle of your mundane life and take retrieve in the beautiful city of Bristol.


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