Cambridge Travel Guide

Cambridge is most renowned for its University world over. Although the city itself is rather small but is experiencing rapid development chiefly in the suburban areas. The city of Cambridge is the local centre of the Cambridgeshire County and is enclosed by numerous small satellite towns as well as villages. It was in the 1970's that saw the foundation of Cambridge Science Park by Trinity College to support the success of local hi-tech commerce and magnetize overseas venture.

Ever since then, Cambridge has attracted a large number of high-tech industries, some of which were start-ups by individuals associated with the Cambridge University. At present, the city is widely considered as the high-tech capital of Britain, besides being the main technology centres within Europe. Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, who are tech giants have opened up offices in the past few years. In fact, Cambridge is occasionally referred to as 'Silicon Fen'.

Cambridge is basically a university town, as well as the administrative center of Cambridgeshire, England. It is located round 50 miles away from London and is enclosed by a number of smaller villages and towns. It is the hub of the high technology centre, Silicon Fen. A wide range of exhilarating events took place here, every year. You can take a dip in splash and make most of your summer vacations. Then there are a number of busking festivals to groove your mind.

Hotels in Cambridge

If you are planning a soothing vacation in Cambridge for a romantic retreat, with your family or a business meet, you can easily find hotels, as per your specific requirements. There is a wide range of luxurious hotels like Cambridge Belfry Hotel, Cambridge Holiday Inn Hotel, Cambridge Black Horse Motel, Cambridge Black Bull Hotel and many more.

Famous Places in Cambridge

Cambridge has very many places that hold cultural, historical and educational importance. In spite of being a small city, Cambridge has a number of happenings going round the year. There are a variety of festivals and several other events that take place on monthly basis. The Air Shows held near Imperial War Museum at Duxord, Botanic Garden, Grantchester, American Cemetry and Ely Cathedral are some of the major attractions of Cambridge.

Night Life in Cambridge

Night life of Cambridge is most happening with hip lounge situated in Central Square. Some of the most famous are Manray Night Club, Ryles Jazz Club, The Middle East, Club Passim, The Pheonix Landing and many more.

Entertainment in Cambridge

As far as entertainment in Cambridge is concerned, you will have an extensive range of choices with various art galleries like Arcadia gallery, Byrad Art, Cambridge Contemporary Art, Darkness & Light and Kettle’s Yard and so on. if you are not an art lover, then also you can do much more. With plenty of nigh clubs, parks and gardens, theatre, cinemas and film societies, you will never feel bore.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Cambridge

You can find a wide variety delicious dished from different cuisines. There are innumerable local pubs, where you can plan a memorable night out. Some of these are Boulevard restaurant, Burger King, Café Naz, Caspian Cuisine, CB2, City Stop Restaurant and many more.

Where to Stay in Cambridge

There is no dearth of places to stay in Cambridge. You can easily find one, according to your specific needs and budget. There are guest houses, inns, cottages, self catering and youth hostels.

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