Canterbury Travel Guide

Canterbury is a prime tourist city that is considered second just to London. The city of Canterbury is positioned in Kent, and derives its name from the Old English Cantwarebyrig that meant 'fortress of the men of Kent'. The city is also the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the primate of the Church of England.

It is often referred to as a cathedral city. The cathedral within the city has an immense historical importance as it has been a witness to the murder of Thomas a Becket in the year 1170. It also the burial site of King Henry IV as well as Edward the Black Prince.

Canterbury is located in eastern Kent of England has been extremely warming for travelers for various centuries. It is a UNESCO world heritage site with six museums, two castles and very many attractions of the Middle Ages throwing light on historic Canterbury. It has beautiful beaches, good evening, history and heritage and immensely adventurous for kids. It is a center of various historically rich structures in the city comprising of a city wall discovered in Roman times.

Hotels in Canterbury

There are a wide range of hotels in Canterbury to offer you complete peace of mind, while your visit to this wonderful destination. You can book accommodation through online mode with a simple click of mouse. No matter whether it is a short trip of long vacation with your family, you can easily find place, as per your particular requirements. A few of these are Pilgrims Hotel, Sun Hotel, Ebury Hotel, The Falstaff Hotel, Best Western Abbots Barton Hotel and many more. Most of these are located near the major attractions of this city.

Famous Places in Canterbury

Canterbury offers some of the best places to visit n England. It consists of the cathedral churches and monasteries of Europe. One of the most acclaimed being the Bell Harry Tower. Apart from this, there are a large number of arts crafts, museums and must visit sacred sites. It is most popular place in England due to its fine arts.

Night Life in Canterbury

Canterbury has some best places to unwind you in the grandeur of night like Canterbury Tales, Franklin and Firkin, Hobgoblin, Jolly Sailor, Oranges bar café and many more.

Entertainment in Canterbury

Canterbury is home to very many clubs and discos, children’s activity centers, hot air balloons, sports and leisure and various theme and amusement parks. Thus, there are no chances of your feeling bore at this exciting place. Make most of your vacation and visit Canterbury.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Canterbury

There you can easily find American restaurants, European Cuisines, British Restaurants, Oriental restaurants, Italian restaurants, Pub food, Sea food, Indian food and many more. Food in most of these restaurants and bars is available at nominal rates.

Where to Stay in Canterbury

You have an extensive range of choice, as far as accommodation is concerned. There are cottages, inns, self-catering and many more. You can choose the one that is in confirmation with your needs and soothes your budget, as well.

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