Chester Travel Guide

Chester is located towards the north-west of England, nearby the border with Wales. The city has of the best conserved city walls within England besides a rich historic backdrop. It traces its history back to 2000 years before during the Roman times when it was well-known as Deva or Castra Devana. During those times, it was the prime city within England, and employ as a defense in opposition to the Welsh Celts. It was 300 years later that the Saxons extended the walls of the city to defend against the Danes. In the year 1066, subsequent to the Norman assault, Chester castle as well as cathedral were constructed and till date are preserved. In the times of the Georgian era, Chester was a focus of wealth that continued trough the Industrial revolution as well.

At present, Chester has a well-known shopping centre, with its unique 'Rows' or galleries that date to the medieval times.

Chester lies on the River Dee and it is the county town of Cheshire, England. It is the most populous place with 119,700, which was endowed with the status of a city in 1541. The four chief roads of Chester are Eastgate, Northgate, Watergate and Bridge. Chester was few of the last towns of England. This place has enjoyed the reputation of being the English medieval city par excellence, with most of its buildings belonging to the Victorian era.

Hotels in Chester

While you visit to Chester, comfort is one of major factors. A number of luxurious hotels available in Chester promise piles of comfort. You can opt for a place most appropriate for your requirements, including number of people planning to visit and so on. A few luxurious hotels in Chester are Mac Donald New Blossoms, De Vere Carden Park, Odd fellows, Crabwall Manor and so on. You can even go for the discounted one with thorough search.

Famous Places in Chester

Some of the famous places of Chester are the city walls, black and white architecture and the rows. Then there are Phoenix Tower, the Goblin Tower and Bonewaldesthorne’s Tower. Big Ben that is most photographed clock in England is also located on Eastgate.

Night Life in Chester

Chester has some of the most amazing night clubs and many more are going to be opened in some recent years. Some of these are the Launge, Old Harkers Arms, Havana and many more.

Entertainment in Chester

Chester is one of the most culturally rich places in terms of art, culture, sports, music and so on. You will find various pubic houses, largest zoological garden, Chester Zoo and its own film society. For sports there is football club and Chester HC, a successful hockey club.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Chester

There are an extensive range of stylish bars and restaurants that can be great for a romantic dinner, soothing lunch, afternoon coffee and an amazing evening meal. Some of the choices that you have while your visit to Chester are Bollicini, Bar Lounge, Braserie, Cock O Barton, Frog Manor Hotel and restaurant and many more.

Where to Stay in Chester

Chester puts forward a number of places that can serve as accommodations while your visit to Chester. You can opt for a place, as per your specific needs like inns, cottages, self catering places. In this way, your financial budget will also be taken care of.

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