Chichester Travel Guide

City of Chichester is located within West Sussex, a few miles away from the sea on the south coastline of England, besides the South Downs. During the times of the Romans invasion of Britain, the region was one of their strongholds. In the in close proximity town of Fishborne, the walls and mosaics of the ancient city, which can still be viewed at the Roman Palace. The present- day Chichester is celebrated for its yearly Chichester Festivities, which is a summer indulgence of the arts presenting music, talks, walks, as well as theatre by Chichester Festival Theatre, exhibitions, dancing, and film.

Chichester is a historically rich city in England. It is located near the River Lavant. It is a major transport centre and the hub of culture in the whole region. If you are one of those having unquenchable quest for culture, then this city has a lot more to offer you including art galleries, festival theatres and much more exciting stuff. You can indulge in more than one outdoor pursuit with nearby Chichester Harbour along with the South Downs. Some of the most well known landmarks of Chichester are the cathedral, amphitheatre, Chichester Cross and many more.

Hotels in Chichester

While choosing a place to stay in Chichester, you can make your choice from modest hotels to luxurious ones with all the amenities and leisure facilities. No matter what your choice is you will not be very far from the major attractions of Chichester.

Famous Places in Chichester

Being a cathedral place, Chichester has a shrine of Saint Richard of Chichester known as Chichester Cathedral. It was dedicated to the Holy Trinity and constructed of the weak local stone. You can enjoy West End Theatre, which features flagship theatres. Apart from this; there is a fine memorial statue of William Huskisson. For art lovers there are an annual three-week arts and music festivals known as Chichester Festivities.

Night Life in Chichester

Various bars and clubs that make the nightlife sheer fun are Royal Arms, Swan Catering, The Bulls Head, The Bush Inn and many more.

Entertainment in Chichester

While visiting Chichester, you can enjoy the classical music tradition of the area at Chichester Symphony Orchestra. There are very many options like drama and entertainment to take care of your artistic pursuits. Make most of the popular music featuring performers like Kenny Baker, Humphrey Lyttelton and many more. Besides this, there is a Chichester Hockey club, a rugby club and a football club. You can indulge in cycling, as well.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Chichester

You will find a large number of top class restaurants offering world famous cuisine to tickle your taste buds. Some of the most famous being

Where to Stay in Chichester

You have plenty of choices while choosing a place to spend a memorable vacation in Chichester that can be appropriate for your specific requirement and prove soothing for your pocket, as well. These include inns, apartments, cottages, self catering places and many more.

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