City of London Travel Guide

The City of London can be understood as a geographically small city positioned within Greater London, England. It comprises of the historic core of London in the region of which, along with Westminster, the present day metropolis developed. The boundaries of the city of London have continued to be almost steady ever since the Middle Ages, and henceforth it is only a small division of the much larger London conurbation. It is usually referred to as merely the City or as the 'Square Mile', as the area of the city extends around one square mile.

City of London is the historic core of London around which the modern metropolis grew. The boundaries of this place have been same since Middle Ages and it is now a small part of bigger metropolis. It is a major financial and business centre at par with the New York City. This city is smallest Ceremonial County as far as population and area is concerned. The best time to visit City of London is the last two weeks of September, but there are plenty of thing to do round the year. Weather is the most surprising factor for visitors. You have to consider some things before planning your vacation. These include span of your vacation, budget and some such factors.

Hotels in City of London

City of London offers very many grand places to stay. Some of these are Radisson Edwardian Grafton, The May Fair, Radisson Edwardian Hamphshire, Radisson Edwardian Heathrow, Radisson Edwardian Berkshire and many more. With thorough search you can find accommodations at discounted rates.

Famous Places in City of London

City of London offers very many natural sights and various crowd pullers like ‘The London Dungeon’, ‘The London Eye’ and ‘Madam Tussads’. Then there is The Tower of London and several exciting places for kids, as well as adults.

Night Life in City of London

City of London gives you no chance to sit at home, when there is so much to do. London DJs are most popular round the world and the night clubs are second to none. You have impressive range and choice in this concern.

Entertainment in City of London

With so many museums and amazing places to visit, City of London surely offers lost of fun. You can indulge in sport and related activities, swimming, Gymnasia, aerobics, ice skating, golf, karting, ten pin bowling and so on. Apart from this, there are various pubs, restaurants, night clubs and many more.

Top Restaurants & Bars in City of London

City of London has some of the most wonderful cuisines of the world. You can savor any kind of food while your stay to this awesome destination. There is Truman Brewery, The Bristo, The Met Bar and The Lobby Lounge.

Where to Stay in City of London

You can enjoy complete freedom of choice while visiting City of London, as there are plenty of cottages, inns, apartments and self catering places. These can be a comfortable stay while your stay in City of London, without letting it pinch your pocket.

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