Edinburgh Travel Guide

Edinburgh is positioned towards the south east of Scotland. Its estimated population size in the year 2001 was about 449,240. This statistics made the city only the second largest in view of its population in Scotland, after Glasgow, irrespective of the fact its Scotland's capital. The population density of the city of Edinburgh is at 1,702 per km² that is comparatively large. The city traces its history back to the Roman times in the 1st century, whence the castle of Edinburgh was constructed. The 18th century brought in an expansive era of building, as was consequential in the construction of the most superb architectural in the city that are now famed across the world. The city also hosts the Edinburgh festival that is famous tourist spot.

Edinburgh is the second largest city and is the capital of Scotland, as well. This city stands in perfect contrast to the soothing tranquility of the surrounding region. Here, you can find some of the most stunning cityscapes of the world, which makes it an ideal tourist destination. It is home of the most glorious castles ruling the city skyline. This place strikes a perfect balance between the traditional and contemporary and offers a wide range of places to visit for tourists, as well as residents. Explore the world class museums and art galleries, visit the city zoo any many more. Here you will find some of the most beautiful temples and top class restaurants with fabulous avenues for shopping, as well. it includes a number of festivals that you should never miss. As far as adventure is concerned, you have a large number of avenues. Plan your next vacation to this exciting place and explore the unbounded territory.

Hotels in Edinburgh

You can easily find a hotel, as per your requirements. There is such a wide range that you will be spoilt for choices. From luxurious hotels to discounted one, everything is here. There is George Hotel, Eq2, Ramada Mount Royal, Dunstane City Hotel and so on.

Famous Places in Edinburgh

The most famous places in Edinburgh are Edinburgh Castle, Camera Obscura/Outlook Tower, Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre, The Hub Edinburgh’s Festival Centre, and Gladstone’s Land. Scott Monument, Botanic Garden, Craig Millar Castle and Royal Museum are some other attractions of Edinburgh. Then there are various cathedrals, museums, palace and much more to explore.

Night Life in Edinburgh

Edinburgh boasts of some awesome night clubs, pubs and bars. Some of the most popular ones are Tigerlily, Lulu, Dome, Ricks, Opal Lounge, Bar 38, Le Monde, The Mitre and so on.

Entertainment in Edinburgh

One of the major highlight of this place is Edinburgh Festival, which is the highlight of the calendar of capital’s entertainment. It comprises of Edinburgh International Festival and the Fringe Festival with its main focus on performing arts. There are bars that are open till late night. For those having interest in performing arts, Edinburgh has a lot to offer.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Edinburgh

Some of the top restaurants that offer mouth watering cuisine that no palate can deny includes Grain store, Keepers, Witchery, Vintner’s Rooms and many more.

Where to Stay in Edinburgh

There are inns, apartments, cottages and self catering for your stay in Edinburgh.

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