Galway Travel Guide

Galway is the only city within the province of Connacht, Ireland. The city is positioned on the west coast of Ireland. In Irish, Galway is also referred to as 'Cathair na Gaillimhe' or 'City of Galway'. The city derives its name from the River Gaillimh or River Corrib that shaped the western boundary of the initial settlement, that were known as Dún Bhun na Gaillimhe, or the fort at the base of the Gaillimh. The term Gaillimh meant 'stony' as in 'stony river'. The city of Galway also bears the epithet 'City of the Tribes' or 'Cathair na dTreabh' due to the presence of fourteen tribes that led the city in its Hiberno-Norman era. It is one amongst the constituent cities of the Cork-Limerick-Galway corridor with a population size of over 1 million people.

Galway is located on the west coast of Ireland and is the only city in the province of Connacht in Ireland. It is also known as ‘City of Galway’. It has borrowed its name from the Gaillimh River, which means stony river. This medieval city is rich in culture and is universally acclaimed for love of the arts and vibrancy. It has something for everyone; no matter you are old or young. There are plenty of resorts and luxurious hotels offering a number of facilities. Being the most diverse countries of Ireland, Galway has most vivid mountains. Plethora of visitor attractions could be found here including various castles, parks and historical sites. If you are someone craving for arts, then this vibrant place has a lot to offer you.

Hotels in Galway

A number of luxurious hotels are waiting for you in Galway that can ensure a comfortable stay. The best thing is that most of these are located near the major tourist attractions that you would want to visit. Therefore, you don’t have to spend much time in traveling to reach your hotel.

Famous Places in Galway

Galway boasts of beautiful churches, various heritage sites, leisure parks, historical monuments, museums and art galleries. For ardent nature lovers, there is Connemara National Park with rich wildlife, scenic countryside and a lot more. Some of the Castles include Aughnanure Castle, Danguaire Castle, Portumna Castle and so on.

Night Life in Galway

You can enjoy the varied music scene, like most Irish cities traditional music is maintained alive in night clubs and pubs. Someof the most prominent bands include The Stunning, The Saw Doctors and very many other genres, as well.

Entertainment in Galway

You will find plenty of ways to keep you entertained for instance, you can indulge in the most awesome music. There is Galway Arts Festival, Early Music Festival that focuses on European Music. Besides this, there are a large number of comedy acts, theatres, music concerts, bewildering night life and much more.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Galway

You can relish world famous cuisines from the top restaurants and bars in Galway. These include Athenry restaurant, Ballinasoe restaurant, Bushy Park restaurants and many more.

Where to Stay in Galway

You can make your choice among various cottages, inns, apartments and self catering places for an accommodation while your stay in Galway.

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